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  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade

  • Subjects: Science, STEM

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Product Description

When you're out in space, you need a great big piloted mecha-style robot! Snap together the unique ZOOB pieces to construct the giant Zoobotron (and 3 alternate builds, including an Cyber Droid!). The pieces allow for pivot, rotation, and other movement!
When you're out in inhospitable space, you need a giant piloted mecha-style robot!

This is one seriously intense Mecha! The Zoobotron features glowing laser eyes, pivoting excavation claws, and 2 Turbo rockets. It can be piloted from a sealed cockpit (open the see-through cover to reveal a comfortable seat and control panel), and it can eat up rocky Martian landscapes with its Monster tank treads.

No alien is going to dare mess with this Zoobotron!

Late for dinner back at the space station? Instead of rolling over rough terrain, this baby can fly! It's extra-maneuverable with large and medium tail wings.

Snap together the unique ZOOB pieces to construct the Zoobotron. The pieces allow for pivot, rotation, bending, digging, and fighting aliens.

"Out in space, there's no one to call for help," Helio explains. He and Gamma point out how the Zoobotron can be rebuilt into other necessities.

Build the Zoobotron Jr. for a single-pilot expedition. With double rocket boosters, the Jr. can lift off out of any conflict, but really, he's a working robot, with two claw hands for excavating.

Build a Cyber Droid for collecting samples in hard-to-reach crevices! Small and maneuverable with tank treads, one claw, one rocket booster, and a single pilot, this is a great space science vehicle.

Want to get a good night's sleep? Build the unmanned Cyber Guard with shield and claw. No one is getting past that robot without a fuss!

"I'm a very important Zoobonaut on a mission!" Helio says. "I could sure use a great engineer like you to help with repairs to the Zoobotron!"

Helio should know; he's a seasoned, beard-stubbled, wise Zoobonaut. He's seen just about everything on his space tour!

Gamma pulls you aside and says, "I welcome you, friend!" Gamma is ready for adventure and glad to have another friend.

Welcome to the Mecha Zoobotron engineering crew!

ZOOB Zoobotron
  • This buildable Mecha-style piloted robot kit stands almost 3 feet when assembled
  • Encourages building and construction understanding
  • Strengthens engineering skills and dexterity
  • Build working models--pieces really move!
  • ZOOB pieces and connectors allow for pivot, rotation, and other movement!
  • Build 4 designs (1 at a time): Zoobotron, Cyber Droid, Zoobotron Jr., Cyber Guard
  • 409 piece build set
  • Pieces are space gray, blue, purple, orange, and black
  • 4 Monster rubberized tank treads measure 9 x 3 inches
  • Egg-shaped flip-top cockpit (6 x 5 inches) includes flip-up window, action figure seat and plastic control panel inside
  • Includes: 368 ZOOB pieces in 5 styles, 4 Monster Tank Treads, Flip-top cockpit, 2 medium tail wings, 2 large tail wings, 2 Zoobonaut figures, 2 space helmets, light up eyes, 5 wing shells, 4 canopies, 4 Killer Claw Excavators, 2 shoulder rotators, 2 turbo rockets, 2 platforms, 2 support beams, Gatling Gun, grill, head shell, hood scoop, 2 domes
  • 4-inch Zoobonaut figures are Helio and Gamma
  • They sport white and gray space suits
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Build and rebuild with these snap together pieces
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