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Zone Cleaning for Kids Clean 'n' Flip--Make Chores Fun!
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"I got the chore chart and my 8 year old has turned into a super cleaner!" 

"Zone Cleaning for Kids is what every mom needs!"

Children love knowing exactly what to do and enjoy the immediate sense of accomplishment as they work through the chart. Parents love knowing that "I'm done!" actually means the room is clean. 

Looking for a downloadable version? Click here!


Who is it for?

Any parents who want to get (and keep) their children more involved in household chores

What is included?

  • A fully-laminated flip chart, allowing for all sections to be checked with a dry-erase marker and/or customized by Mom or Dad with a wet-erase marker.
  • Instructional DVD that walks children through the process, demonstrating the correct way to complete each task. The DVD also gives parents tips on how to best utilize the program.
  • Dry-erase marker.
  • Basket labels used for cleaning the bedroom.

Why buy?

This fun and unique chore system is designed to help children visually and systematically work through cleaning the kitchen, living room/entry, bathroom and bedrooms independently and with ease.

Step-by-step illustrations make chores simple -- non-readers can easily follow along! Simply flip to the first page in the laminated flip chart and follow the illustrated instructions. Use the included dry erase marker to check the box then flip the page!

READ A REVIEW BY CELENA: https://blog.educents.com/zone-cleaning-blogger-review/


Ask The Seller
This looks interesting but I'm confused about the additional Laundry Flipbook and Bedroom Flipbook. Are these areas not covered in the Zone Cleaning set?
Asked on December 30th, 2016

Thank you for your question. The Zone Cleaning for Kids covers four zones in the house: Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom. It does cover the Bedroom but not the Laundry Room. We sell the Bedroom separately because that is the most popular zone and some customers prefer just to purchase the Bedroom Zone by itself.

Answered by Times Tales on January 2nd, 2017
Zone Cleaning for Kids Clean 'n' Flip--Make Chores Fun!
If there is more than 1 child in the house, should I buy more than 1 of these?
Asked by a Parent on December 12th, 2016

Thank you for your question. The Zone Cleaning for Kids is set up so it can be used for several children at one time, especially if you are assigning a different Zone to each child. On the first page of the Zone you put the child's name that is responsible for that Zone and the time you want them to start cleaning. You can put a different child on the first page of another Zone. Some parents like to buy the Zone digital download so they can print as many Zones for their family as they need. They can also laminate it so a dry erase marker can be used on the pages. Some parents do chose to buy a Zone for each of their children.

Answered by Times Tales on December 17th, 2016

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  • A Needed Product
    Jan 21, 2017

    While I did find the flip book interesting, it doesn't work well for larger families. It will work for my little people though. They enjoyed me 'assigning them jobs' like the big kids.
    I actually bought this product because of the Cleaning Instruction DVD included. My kids learn well when presented information in DVD format. They enjoy watching learning videos again and again. This one was great for the smaller kids, ages 6-9. It was fairly short though at just 15 minutes. I would love to find a video library of different skill sets to keep on hand.

    Courtney M - Member Since June 2014
  • Really cool!
    Jan 11, 2017

    It's really a great idea, we actually each took an area (we're a family of 4) that way the kids knew that we were all in this together. We plan to switch areas each week...

    Rachel W - Member Since December 2016
  • This system works!
    Jan 05, 2017

    This chore system is getting my kids on track to really contribute to the necessary upkeep of our home, and I am so happy. The steps are clearly laid out in a logical sequence, and every little bit helps keep our house reasonably and noticeably tidy.

    Anne D - Parent - Member Since December 2016
  • Amazing!
    Nov 28, 2016

    My daughter finally stopped complaining & fighting me about cleaning up after herself. She actually takes pride in doing it & feels a sense of accomplishment in a job well done. I highly recommend this.

    MICHELE B - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2015
  • Good for young children
    Oct 31, 2016

    OMG!! My 4th grader is into this. He knows what is expected of him and gets it done (4 out of 5 times, he's still a kid after all). My teenager is a teenager. We have only had this product for one week, and my 4th grader is doing well. Tonight we switch "Zones" and we'll see how it goes with my teenager. Over all: my house IS cleaner. Mostly I bought this so my kids can learn that a clean house isn't just "mom's" job; and well it's it is teaching that... so GOAL MET!! I also like it because it helps ME tidy up after myself more often as I don't want to discourage them or sabotage their work.

    Like any program, it only works if you use it. My youngest uses it every night. Whereas my teen, every other night... which is why I gave it 4 starts. It motivates the young crowd, but not so much the older set.

    Lucy N - Member Since October 2016

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