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Science tells us that playful interactions in the very early months of your baby’s life have a lasting impact on the architecture of his developing brain and will lay a foundation for all future le...
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Product Description

Science tells us that playful interactions in the very early months of your baby’s life have a lasting impact on the architecture of his developing brain and will lay a foundation for all future learning and behavior. Engaging your tiny baby can actually change the way your baby’s brain develops. Yoee Baby considered your baby’s developing senses and brain synapses (which are, at that age, forming by the hour), and designed a toy that includes interaction and bonding, sensory development, body awareness, language development, gross-motor skills, and fine motor skills. While parents are often eager to engage their little one from the moment of birth, it is difficult to find a toy that is not only safe but actually promotes early bonding. Yoee Baby not only encourages parents and babies to play together in ways that nurture those bonds, but also strengthens early childhood development skills.

Not just for moms and dads, the uber-cute Yoee Baby characters’ soft, feather-like tail, designed to caress baby and stimulate his senses also provides an ideal way for your other children to attach to their new sibling. One of the hardest things a child, especially a toddler, faces is figuring out how he can interact with this baby who isn't grasping, crawling, talking, or doing anything that could be considered interactive. But with Yoee Baby your child can, by tickling the baby with the feather-like tail, begin to make that all-important connection. Bonding isn't something that comes naturally or instinctively to many younger children, but from day one Yoee Baby will help them build that skill.

Not only can your baby be gently caressed with the long fluffy tail, the crinkle high-contrast fabrics and rattle inside of a Yoee Baby are another fun way to engage baby’s senses. The handle is designed so that both babies and adults can easily hold and play with a Yoee Baby, plus the food-grade silicone teether attached to the base of the toy can be a relief for sore gums. And don’t forget to use the adorable plush Yoee characters as a story prop to tell your baby all sorts of wild tales and stimulate language development. While each Yoee Baby comes with a simple how-to booklet, there’s no right or wrong way to use your Yoee Baby as long as you and baby are having fun.

Designed by social scientists, Yoee Baby is made for babies 0 – 18 months and combines the best of a plush toy, a developmental and sensory toy, a teether, and a rattle into the ultimate baby toy for you and your baby. Machine washable, but please air dry. 


  • Features:
  • Machine washable
  • No BPA or pthalates
  • Rigorously safety tested
  • Helps Promote:
  • Interaction and bonding
  • Sensory and language development
  • Body awareness
  • Gross and fine motor skills

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