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Educents is the trusted online resource for writing lessons and teaching tools. You will find ready to go lesson plans, pre-made writing prompts, print and go writing journals, and more. There are a variety of instructional resources and practice pages for handwriting in both print and cursive too. We have quality resources to help everyone from your beginning writer learning to write the alphabet to the advanced writer that is composing research papers. Tired of hearing “I don’t know what to write about?” Then look no further than our variety of picture writing prompts to help students get started.

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The ability to communicate in writing is a skill that everyone needs. It is one of the first things taught as young children learn to write their name. As children progress through school they go from expressing their thoughts and ideas through words and simple sentences, to writing a story, to preparing multiple pages of organized text. With practice the writing becomes more organized and focused. The goal is to prepare students use written language to convey their thoughts, ideas and opinions and communicate with others in a formal and informal manner.

Educents is proud to provide you with trusted resources that you can use to teach writing. For handwriting, we have a variety of resources for both print and cursive. These resources add a fun twist to the traditional workbook and can be found in a variety of themes that will engage your child. For those students that are developing their writing skills, we have many resources to help you teach the writing process. We also have resources to help with those all important grammar skills too. Writing is a skill that builds, and whether your writer is 5 or 25, we have educational resources to help you.

Whether you are looking for writing prompts to get your writers started or editing practice, Educents can help you make writing fun! Sometimes the hardest thing to do in writing is to think of something to write about! Educents has a variety of resources to help cure the “I don’t know what to write about” blues. With an array of writing prompts, picture writing prompts and writing journals your students will spend more time writing and less time not. These writing prompts help the students learn to focus their writing on a specific topic and can be used for all different types of writing assignments. Journals come in various forms and can be used to connect writing to multiple content areas. A writing journal is also a great tool to use to watch growth and development throughout the year. Find these and many more writing resources at Educents.


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