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Work on Writing - Back to School Edition

The Sassy School Teacher

The Sassy School Teacher

A writing pack full of options for young learners!
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Categories: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Writing
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Product Description

A writing pack full of options for young learners!

This writing pack is full of writing options for your young learners. Included in this pack are:
*writing how-to's
*writing narratives
*writing persuasives
*writing a friendly letter
The students can choose a writing prompt from the flip cards or they can write their own ideas! Some of the writing prompts are factual (Write about your first day of school.) or they require students to use their imagination (You were the Principal for the whole day! Write about it.) This pack also comes with a variety of writing paper to fit the needs of your classroom, BUT all writing papers are one size fits all! For instance, choose the Narrative writing paper of your liking, run the copies, and place in your Work on Writing center. Students choose the prompt and write it at the top of the blank paper.
Super easy to assemble...Super fun once it's done!


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The Sassy School Teacher

I am a first grade teacher OBSESSED with making learning fun and exciting!  I have taught Kindergarten and first grade for ten years and am always wanting to create engaging products for my classroom!  Now, you can get in on the fun too!


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