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Wood Stacking Robots


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

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Product Description

Stack robots up this way and that. Special grooves on robot feet and shoulders allow you to build up and out. Turn them upside down, sideways, tilt them all directions, span gaps, make patterns, tower them high!
Requiring a steady hand and varying levels of logic, these robots start simple, but can get complicated.

Stack robots this way and that, simple structures or advanced challenges - give it a try!

Try bringing out Stacking Robots for the next play session. Older and younger alike, kids of all ages gather around the table for robot designing fun.

How many ways can you stack robots? More than you first thought, that's for sure.

Special grooves on robot feet and shoulders allow you to build up and out. Turn them upside down, sideways, tilt them all directions, span gaps, make patterns, tower them high.

Test your skills with an ultimate challenge - the pictures for that are included. Combine sets for limitless creativity!

Wood Stacking Robots
  • Build and balance robot blocks
  • Develop a steady hand, muscle control, problem solving, creativity
  • Notched feet and shoulders interlock for unique building
  • Features 9 wooden robots - 2 lime gree, 2 lemon yellow, 2 fire engine red, 2 royal blue, 1 black
  • Each robot measures 3.5 inches tall
  • Includes simple and advanced challenges
  • Combine sets for limitless creations
  • Stimulating, mind engaging fun for all ages
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      Stacking Robots a HUGE hit!
      Jan 05, 2017

      A simple yet excellent, excellent toy for multiple ages!! We purchased stacking robots for our 2 year old daughter who LOVES to stack them and knock them down. She likes the vibrant colors and pretend plays with them as well. Our 7 year old son loves them even more! We bought two packages to allow for more gravity-defying challenges and he has not stopped creating new stacks. In fact, we may purchase more robots. This is one case where more is better! From an educational standpoint, these will be a very useful and fun tool to introduce some elementary physics to our son as well. Stacking robots may not look like much in the package but they are a fantastic toy, both creatively fun and educational!

      Hillary U - Super-hero
      A creative toy
      Dec 01, 2016

      No moving parts, no batteries, nothing to swallow, no maintenance - best of all the grandchildren love it. We had to buy more to prevent arguments.

      Hillary U - Super-hero
      My rating of Wood Stacking Robots
      Nov 29, 2016

      Great colors, well-made, and great fun! Offers challenges for different age groups.

      Lynnon P - Super-hero
      wood stacking robots
      Nov 28, 2016

      This is a great toy that keeps my granddaughter engaged for hours as she stacks and re-stacks in different configurations. I got it because I had something similar when I was little and remembered how I loved it.

      Jessica C
      Review of Wood Stacking Robots
      Nov 28, 2016

      This is a wonderful toy for limitless play. It was a gift for my 4yr. old grandson's birthday. Six children, boys and girls were crowded around him wanting to stack the robots, the oldest was eight. It comes with several idea formations , some were stacked in very unusual ways with just one robot at the base. The children were also making their own robot towers. I have decided to order another set for his younger brother so they can work with even more robots and taller formations. Of coarse it was fun to knock them over when you were done. Great toy with sturdy wood pieces!

      Sophia C

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