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WINNING READING is designed to teach older students (4th grade and up) how to speak, read, write and spell English using the power of phonics songs and correlated reading books with correlated writing and spelling lessons! Everything you need including a step - by -step Instructors Seminar DVD, Tutoring DVD, Winning Reading Phonics Songs DVD, 4 student books, 4 manuals, and five games are included in the kit.

Winning Reading has a track record of success in teaching non-readers, LD and ESOL students to read using this very special sequence of instruction that helps students gain confidence as they learn to read using age appropriate materials! Learn to read; guaranteed,say the teachers. There are 4 consumable studnet books, five games, an instructors DVD, as well as a DVD and CD with 7 Phonics Songs to reinforce the skills necessary to become an independent and fluent reader. It has been called a "virtually teacher-proof program!" 

"We can get America literate with WINNING," says Sue Dickson and her army of followers. Even "learning disabled" students have learned to read with WINNING READING, and in just a few months! Trialed very successfully by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention with incarcerated youth, the students learned to read independently in just a few months after being totally non- readers into their teen years. Great results have been reported with English language learners in classes at the Mexican border of Texas as well!    


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Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach uses music to teach  foundational information.  Sue's songs quickly and easily teach children the US Presidents, Inventors and Inventions,  the Constitution, Sight Words, as well as the basic addition/subtraction facts and the multiplication/division facts. 

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