Wavy Tactile Walking Path (Green)

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Product Description

Designed for children so that the patterns & width of the boards offer tactile sensory intensity, while creating a more realistic "natural" experience. The set can be arranged into curvy or linear patterns. The slight slopes offer front to back & right to left balance. This activity enhances muscle development & tactile stimulation. It progresses vestibular balance & movement coordination.

The Tactile Path progresses emotions, enhances concentration, improves self-confidence, learning ability. It develops action & aids children in adapting to new environments through play. Allows activity that encourages spatial concepts through creating & constructing the path & great for ergonomics of the foot arch.

-Dimensions: 27" x 7" - Components: 8 pcs Set.

-Maximum Weight: 176 lbs -Suitable age: 1 year & up



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Kaydan Sensory Solutions

Our Mission at Kaydan is to provide your children with healthy, interesting & stimulating products. We strive to offer toys, games & therapy products that are often unique & always physically & mentally challenging. Our diverse range of sensory products is not only great for children in general, but also for children on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Dyslexia or with many other learning challenges. A portion of our profit goes towards local children charities.

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