WATT Valley Logic Problems featuring Logical Lucy


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Teach problem solving and logical thinking to your elementary learners with this original resource from Shannon Bryant's Brain Train! (Part of the All New WATT Valley Series!)

I am so excited to share the children of W.A.T.T. Valley with you!!! This brand new series has been years in development, and the characters you will meet in W.A.T.T. Valley have been thoughtfully designed to provide your students with inspiration and encouragement! 

This W.A.T.T. resource pack centers on the adventures of Logical Lucy. These are excellent resources for use in collaboration with other W.A.T.T. Valley learning materials, however they are also excellent stand-alone elements for encouraging your students to develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills, applicable in both classroom and real-world settings.

Logical Lucy loves to use her CRITICAL THINKING and LOGICAL PROBLEM SOLVING to tackle logic puzzles, such as the ones contained in this resource. She encourages students to use their deductive and inductive reasoning to interpret clues, record data, and draw reasonable conclusions.

Lucy’s puzzles begin simply. Students are asked to draw lines to match answers, based on their interpretation of the information provided to them.

In subsequent Logical Lucy puzzles, there are 4 parts—a title, instructions, a grid, and clues. 

I often tell my kids that the grid is useful for recording information, but there are other useful strategies as well. I encourage listing, note-taking, etc. Have fun with Logical Lucy and watch your little thinkers blossom with these puzzles from W.A.T.T. Valley. Shannon 

W.A.T.T. Valley Characters, Products, and Derivatives--Copyright, Shannon Bryant's Brain Train, 2011


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