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  • Grades: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
  • Subjects: Social Studies
  • Product Type: Lapbook, Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Over 600 pages of Lapbooks!! Infuse some hands-on fun into your history studies, and get a HUGE discount!  This bundle is also a great resource on its own for teaching the history of war.  Download  the 639 PAGES of educational FUN and print the pages you want to use! You will receive 11 Lapbook ebooks that cover many different wars. Complete study guides also included for each lapbook.

What's included?

Over 600 pages of Lapbooks!! Infuse some hands-on fun into your history studies, and get a HUGE discount!

You will receive these ebooks:

You get all 11 products at one low price!

Regular Price: $55.00

This bundles consists of downloadable PDF files. Just follow the instructions, cut, fold, glue, and create!

You may also purchase these products individually or download samples by clicking on the links above.


How to use lapbooks as learning tools:

  • Visual learners - Integration of color psychology challenges brain development through visual stimulation and pattern seeking.
  • Kinesthetic learners are 'do-ers,' and love learning by completing the activities.
  • Logical learners will love the step-by-step order and pattern seeking.
  • Social learners - Lapbooks are great for the social setting (i.e. classroom or co-op).
  • Solitary learners - Student instructions are included for independent workers to follow on his/her own.
  • Multi-age classrooms - Lapbooks can be adapted to any age group. Older students can expand on study guides through more research and activities. Younger students can be guided more closely with supervision and help in order to understand the material



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