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6 Reviews
6 Reviews

    Rhyming Riddles
    May 03, 2017

    My girls love doing these!

    Shelley P - Member Since April 2017
    Great Quality
    May 03, 2017

    Great Quality for my girls to do their copywork for homeschool.

    Shelley P - Member Since April 2017
    Tongue Twisters
    May 03, 2017

    My girls love using the tongue twisters in their homeschool. They even have fun reciting and seeing who can flub up first!

    Shelley P - Member Since April 2017
    May 24, 2016

    What a darling idea! And at a great price.

    The Wild, Wild West writing prompts look pretty cool too.

    Lily L - Parent - Member Since April 2016
    Perfect motivational posters
    Apr 09, 2016

    I homeschool and these are perfect for motivation and inspiration. I laminated them and I post them on our daily board. My kids have some of them memorized now.

    Rhiana D - Homeschooler, Parent, Super-hero - Member Since January 2015

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