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Wants Vs. Needs- Printables, Posters And Activities

The Purrfect Teacher

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Introduce wants and needs with this fun set! View Full Description
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Categories: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Social Studies
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Product Description

Introduce wants and needs with this fun set!

Introduce wants and needs with this fun set!

-Definition Posters
-Define and Describe Printable
-Writing Activity
-Classifying Activity (My students' favorite activity!)

Description of Activities:
Display the ‘Wants and Needs’ Posters for students to reference.

First complete the Wants Vs. Needs activity after you have introduced the posters with the definitions. We did this as a class.

Next, have students practice classifying wants and needs with the ‘Classify’ activity. (Instructions on how to use this are listed just before the materials.)

Finally, pass out the Wants and Needs writing activity and have students complete this individually. When I used this in my classroom, I had them share their writings with the class. Before they shared what they wrote, my class shared only the object they wrote about. Then the rest of the class decided if they thought that item was a ‘want’ or a ‘need’. They LOVED this!



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    Good product
    May 22, 2016

    Purchased for home use. This is a good product. It's thought provoking too. We discussed our needs and our wants, and as a result, we learned new (and fun) things about each other.

    Barb - Super-hero

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The Purrfect Teacher
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I am third year teacher. My first year of teaching, I taught both kindergarten and first grade. What a challenge but also what fun! This year, I teach only first grade. I completed my student teaching in a second grade classroom but also have experience in pre-k and fourth grade.


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