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Verb Endings -s, -ed, -ing ~ Activity Pack


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Product Description

GREAT for work work and centers! This pack includes 11 different, fun, and engaging activities to help your students master verb endings. A unit that provides targeted practice of verb endings.

Great for word work, literacy centers and extra practice! This activity pack focuses on introducing verb endings with –s, -ed, and –ing. All of the verbs used in this unit do not need to be changed to correctly add the verb ending (just simply add the ending). My Verb Endings –s, -ed, -ing PART 2 {Activity Pack} is for practicing verbs that DO need to be changed to add verb endings (dropping the silent e and doubling the final consonant). 

Here is what’s included in this activity pack:
*I Have Who Has Game– A whole group activity
*Read/Write the Room– for whole group or center activity. Students read the word cards the teacher has placed around the room and records them on a recording sheet, then chooses two verbs to write in a sentence.
*3 Sounds of –ed Sort– students read the word on the card and then sort the word by the sound –ed makes at the end of the word. Comes with mats for each sound –ed makes. Can be done as a pocket chart activity whole group or as a center activity. Also includes a response sheet.
*Falling Leaves Activity– Student write verbs with endings –s, -ed, and –ing on leaves and then glue them onto a tree. Great for display!
*Verb Endings Posters– Posters to display for –s, -ed, -ing
*Playing With Friends Book– Original reproducible book where students read the sentence and write the correct verb ending for the verb in each sentence.
*Base Word Endings (3 pages, 4 base words per page)– students read the base word and write the verb with the endings –s, -ed, -ing.
*Verb Endings Memory-a verb memory game
*Color by the Code– students color a picture by its verb ending
*I Can Use Verb Endings– students rewrite a verb with a verb ending, write it in a sentence and illustrate the sentence (5 pages, 2 verbs per page).
*Listen to the End– a whole group activity where the teacher reads a list of verbs and students write the words in columns according to the sound –ed makes at the end of the word.

 Feel free to email me with any questions.
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    good for reinforcing words
    Mar 22, 2016

    good for reinforcing words


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