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Science & Technology


Elemental Science

Grades: K-12th
URL: https://elementalscience.com
Elemental Science's mission is to help you share the wonders of science with your students. Click on over to find super-fun science activities and free printable games, along with the Tips for Homeschool Science podcast from their co-founder, Paige Hudson. Her passion for science overflows into all that is shared on this website! Elemental Science also provides several lines of award-winning, easy-to-use science curricula employed by educators around the globe. Come see how Elemental Science can help you teach science with their full homeschool science curricula, lapbooks, living books, and teacher resources.

Grades: 1st-6th
URL: https://bitsbox.com
Bitsbox teaches kids 6-12 to code their own apps with a box of inspiration that comes in the mail every month. Bitsbox kids use real code to make anything from ninja driving games to magical unicorn simulators, and their apps work on any smart phone or tablet. Bitsbox also works in classrooms! Hundreds of thousands of gradeschoolers have completed our hour of code, and special coding kits for teachers, libraries, and maker spaces are available on our store. Visit subscribe.bitsbox.com for all the options.

Kids Discover
Grades: 3rd-8th
URL: http://www.kidsdiscover.com
Kids Discover is an award-winning nonfiction publisher for children ages 6 to 14. Kids Discover offers a huge variety of print titles, iPad apps, and an interactive online reading platform with a customizable Assessments tool. Their Print library consists of 140 nonfiction titles that take a deep dive into a single topic in the natural and social sciences. Their online reading platform offers full access to the library and engaging animated and interactive graphics that bring learning to life. Each unit is offered in 3 Lexile(R) reading levels and is vetted by subject experts.

Grades: 4th-8th
URL: http://www.mystembox.com
StemBox's website supplements the subscription science experiments young girls receive in the mail from the company, but it is also a great site for learning more about a variety of STEM topics. We have video tutorials for experiments, lessons on each experiment, and interviews with women in STEM. You can also find links to real world applications of the STEM topics we teach in our kits. Our site covers topics such as wearable tech, sharks, blood, chromatography, and more!

Grades: 6th-12th
URL: http://nclab.com
NCLab's award-winning curriculum uses the power of games to teach computer programming and 3D modeling to 6th-12th graders. In the fundamental Karel Coding course, students learn computational thinking and all key programming concepts by writing programs for a robot to solve mazes. The intermediate Turtle Tina course introduces Python while drawing objects such as pendants and exporting them for 3D printing. The advanced Python programming course teaches how to use Python to solve realistic computer programming tasks. The 3D modeling course teaches geometry and spatial reasoning, and allows students to create their own 3D models and print them. Learn more on Educents!

Quality Science Labs, LLC
Grades: 6th-College
URL: http://www.qualitysciencelabs.com
Quality Science Labs offers middle school through college level laboratory curricula and corresponding science kits that enhance the learning experience and improve student success. Our innovative solutions make science easy to teach and fun to learn.

Fascinating Education
Grades: 8th-12th
URL: http://fascinatingeducation.com
Learn High School Science - The Easy Way! Fascinating Education uses an audio-visual technique to teach science in a step-by-step manner using plain English and clear illustration. This “right-hemispheric” learning approach takes advantage of the brain’s ability to process images more efficiently and more effectively than just reading text. This is a great alternative for anyone wanting to learn the sciences, prepare for a test, or prepare for an upcoming school year in advance… whether it’s Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Anatomy & Physiology. Try a sample course for free!




UnLock Math, Inc.

Grades: PreK-12th
URL: http://www.unlockmath.com
UnLock Math is designed to eliminate math anxiety while taking the stress & frustration of teaching math off your shoulders. Let them take care of the teaching, testing & grading for you. They include Quizzes, Unit Tests, Midterm, and a Final Exam so you always know how your child is retaining what they've learned! Plus, unlimited practice & review so that skills stay sharp, detailed reports, a pacing guide, transcripts upon request, and much more. Begin a FREE trial and unlock your child's math potential today! Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II, with Geometry coming for the 2017 school year!

Math Games
Grades: PreK-8th
URL: http://www.mathgames.com
Math Games allows students to practice math skills with more than 1.5 million questions that cover Kindergarten to the 8th Grade. We’re a suite of games and apps that combine a sense of play with learning in a way you’ve never seen by making math games of exceptional quality and rigorous standards that students actually love playing! Signup is instant with Google or Edmodo and students can practice math on chromebooks and tablets best of all Math Games is 100% FREE for teachers and students!

First In Math®
Grades: K-8th
URL: http://www.firstinmath.com
First In Math® Online helps students acquire, reinforce and retain vital math skills. Our game-based program uses short cycles of play to provide the lively interaction and instant feedback students love—along with the amount of Deep Practice they need for skill retention. Students learn by repeating, reassessing and fine-tuning skills, while they continually internalize new approaches to problem solving. Activities reinforce a range of proficiencies, from simple addition to complex algebra, while skill-appropriate goals keep students energized to “level up” and sustain accelerated effort over time. In this environment, students practice willingly, the way they do for sports.

Math U See
Grades: K-12th
URL: http://www.mathusee.com
Math-U-See is a complete K - 12 math curriculum focused on homeschool and small group learning environments. We “Build Understanding” in students by using manipulatives in a multi-sensory approach suitable for all levels and learning styles.

Grades: 3rd-9th
URL: http://www.digitwhiz.com
DigitWhiz is a fun, games-based, adaptive, online math program focused on 5 KEY skills: multiplication, division, integer operations, like terms and solving equations. DigitWhiz evaluates current student skills using short placements, prescribes individualized solo and multi-player games based on results and guides kids to master skills they need. Kids earn points, virtual awards and a really cool downloadable certificate for every skill mastered! Getting started is fast for both Teachers and Parents. See immediate pinpointed student data in report and graph form. Desktop and iPad versions available. DigitWhiz is Teacher-built and Kid approved! Take DigitWhiz for a FREE Trial today! The more they explore, the more they’ll discover.

Grades: Preschool-8th
URL: https://www.shillermath.com
ShillerMath publishes research-based curricula, music, manipulatives, flashcards, and workbooks for students of ages 4-13 (including pre-K and pre-Algebra), with beautifully designed lessons, diagnostic tests with answer keys, songs, and Montessori-based manipulatives. No Montessori or math/language arts knowledge is required and there's zero lesson preparation - just read (or have your child read) what's in quotes and you're good to go! Students using this approach consistently outperform their peers. Build a free customized lesson plan - try it now!

Triad Math
Grades: 7th-12th
URL: http://www.homeschoolmathcrusade.com
Delivering a Great Middle/High School Math Education by Homeschool Parents Is Now VERY EASY, thanks to a…NEW Practical Math Program by master math teacher Dr. Del. Customized for all career paths. Earn up to 6 high school credits. Dr. Del will be the Teacher. You’ll be the Coach. Makes teaching great math hassle-free. Self-paced, interactive online video lessons with quizzes. Master a Scientific Calculator, then learn Pre-algebra through Calculus, plus SAT/ACT prep. Includes Notes/Exercises and Student/Parent Forums. Recommended by Homeschool Mentor Margie Abbitt! As low as $25/mo. Parents get a free account with reports. 30-day Money Back Guarantee. HomeSchoolMathCrusade.com


Grades: K-8th
URL: http://www.ctcmath.com
CTCMath is an online math curriculum where students are able to learn at their own speed. They can stop and rewind the video tutorial as many times as they need to until they get it, as well as having access to all lessons from all grades. CTCMath is proven to dramatically lift students' confidence and attitude using multi-sensory methods which ensure retention. Parents have access to detailed reports and can quickly and easily set tasks. Check out hundreds of testimonials and get started with their free trial or sign up today!




Spelling You See

Grades: Beginning Readers - Word Extension Spelling Level
URL: http://spellingyousee.com
Spelling You See is a unique spelling program that follows stages of language development and exhibits a linguistic understanding of how students learn to spell while providing meaningful context for learning spelling (no more “spelling lists”).

Grades: K-5th
URL: http://www.writestepswriting.com
WriteSteps is a writing teacher’s dream come true! This K-5, writing and grammar program has all of the best practices rolled into one (6 Traits, Writer’s Workshop, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Cooperative Learning). Daily lesson plans are easy to follow and include visual aids, student writing samples, graphic organizers, demonstration videos, and rubrics. Many teacher resources are also included with each subscription. Teachers can choose to provide instruction directly or use video lessons. Students can write traditionally or in a digital writing platform known as CaptivationStation. These features make for a very teacher-friendly program that creates confident and capable writers.

Grades: K-12th
URL: http://www.storyjumper.com
StoryJumper is the #1 rated site for making story books. Using our free online tools, K-12 students can easily create illustrated books that can be published as hardcover or paperback books that arrive in the mail! Students have the option to write privately or collaboratively with other students, friends, or family. To spark ideas, students can read over 100,000 StoryJumper books written and shared by our worldwide community. Teachers also get class tools, guides, and support. Whether a student is an advanced or struggling writer, StoryJumper will inspire a passion for writing!

Grades: K-12th
URL: http://www.createbetterwriters.com
CreateBetterWriters.com offers materials to help your K-12 students become outstanding writers. Their books show you how to teach writing and grammar - so it makes sense to you and your students. They help new or struggling writers master the basics while helping the experienced writers move toward mastery. Your students will master the essay, research report, story writing, and much more. Detailed lessons at an affordable price make CreateBetterWriters a must for all teachers.

Institute for Excellence in Writing
Grades: K-12th
URL: http://IEW.com
The Institute for Excellence in Writing offers methods of teaching listening, reading, writing, speaking, and thinking for students K-12. Providing both structure and style, IEW empowers students with the confidence to communicate without struggling.

Easy Grammar Systems
Grades: 2nd-12th
URL: http://www.easygrammar.com
Easy Grammar Systems publishes the Easy Grammar series, Daily GRAMS series and Easy Grammar Ultimate Series. Author Dr. Wanda Phillips has long been recognized for her expertise in teaching grammar and writing. Dr. Phillips’s texts, Easy Grammar series, Daily GRAMS, and Easy Grammar Ultimate Series, are known for easy explanations. She also introduces concepts in a building-block manner and incorporates a cyclical approach that promotes mastery learning. For more information, please visit www.easygrammar.com.

Story Shares
Grades: 3rd-12th
URL: http://storyshares.org
Story Shares is a platform dedicated to engaging struggling readers -- students in late elementary school, middle school, and high school who have fallen behind in reading. We have a library full of Relevant Reads—books at a range of levels that are custom created to be both compelling and approachable for struggling readers. These books are enhanced with features to make them more accessible and fun. We also have a digital writing tool where students can create, design, and publish their own books. These books can become part of the digital library and can also be published in paperback form.

The Write Foundation
Grades: 6th-12th
URL: http://www.thewritefoundation.org
Do you need help teaching your students how to write? Are you tired of hearing “But, what do I write?” Is there an effective way to teach students how to easily write paragraphs and essays? Are you looking for a writing curriculum that teaches how to wow professors and others with proficient writing? The Write Foundation enables reluctant, average, and gifted students to become writers. Need help to determine the right level? Find free samples and free online placement test with free evaluations at www.thewritefoundation.org. The Write Foundation is your answer to empowering your students to write.

Writing Whatever
Grades: 8th-College
URL: http://writingwhatever.com
Do you agree that writing is the hardest subject to teach? Inspired by Khan Academy, Writing Whatever presents close to 60 short videos, each focusing on a single concept relating to style, organization, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary. The unique, copyrighted method, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, leads clearly and logically from sentences, to paragraphs, to the complete essay, preparing students from grade 8 to college freshmen for all academic writing challenges. Comes complete with exercises and answers, plus an available teacher’s guide for tips, prompts, and more. Go to writingwhatever.com for your free trial!

Pathways for Learning
Grades: K-6th
URL: https://pathwaysforlearning.com
Our mission is to help children, parents, teachers, and therapists discover writing success™ through the development and distribution of our patented products, public speaking, and research. Our efforts are guided by the philosophy that being able to clearly and neatly present oneself in written form is often interpreted as an extension of the person’s knowledge, creativity, and work ethic. We strive to make writing easier to teach and easier to learn™, thereby empowering all types of learners.



Barbara Milne

Grades: Birth-2nd
URL: http://www.barbaramilne.com
Our products have been developed to teach the young child many essential skills in a non-threatening manner. They have been used in homes since 1981 and they really work! We offer a relaxed learning experience for your child using soothing and relaxing vocals and music with lots of repetition that children need and love. Phonics, math, counting, reading, manners, opposites, nursery rhymes and more. Use at bed time nap time or in the car. Your young child's mind will develop at an advanced pace with this music and repetition. Check out our YouTube Channel as well.

Reading Eggs
Grades: K-8th
URL: http://readingeggs.com
The Learn to Read Process – How Reading Eggs works - Reading Eggs was created by expert educators with over 30 years of experience. The multi-award winning early learning resource supports your child’s learn to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young children. By incorporating it into your child’s daily routine, you will be helping to prepare them for the same structured learning they will need to succeed and feel confident at reading. Your child can start learning to read - start a 4 week trial here!

Grades: PreK-12th
URL: https://www.hewitthomeschooling.com
Hewitt Homeschooling has helped homeschoolers since 1964. Our English program, Lightning Literature, offers 12 semesters for highschool, plus one year each for Grades 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8. Grade 4 will be available in 2017. We offer economical unit programs for Grades PreK-3, and My First Reports for early elementary teach report research and writing. Our PASS achievement test for Grades 3-8 has helped thousands of homeschoolers test without the extra stress of being timed. Our teachers provide detailed evaluations of students’ work for $250 for a single course or $650 for a full highschool program (books not included).

Reading Kingdom
Grades: K-3rd
URL: http://www.ReadingKingdom.com
Reading Kingdom is an online program that teaches children to read and write with comprehension at a 3rd grade level. It’s extremely effective for both struggling readers and students on grade level because it uses the patented Six Skill Integrated Method developed by world-renowned literacy expert, Dr. Marion Blank. Other programs use phonics, or “sounding out” to teach reading, but most words in English cannot be sounded out (that’s why English dictionaries include a pronunciation guide - unlike every other Latin-based language). Here is a video about the program. Here is a PDF about the program.

Up-Words Reading®

Grades: K-4th
URL: http://www.upwordsreading.com
Up-Words Reading® is an early literacy instructional program specifically designed to teach students to read and spell the English language. The program, developed by Lorie Delk, M Ed., CCC-SLP, Laura Scheer, M. Ed., and Jessica Kersting, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is the product of years of experience in reading instruction and speech-language therapy. Up-Words Reading® carefully follows research-based best practices in literacy education and the proven Orton-Gillingham methodology. In addition, it incorporates time-tested instructional techniques proven to create a fun and productive learning experience. As a result, Up-Words Reading® is effective for all students across the learning spectrum.

Read Right
Grades: K-12th & College
URL: http://www.readright.com
Read Right is a truly extraordinary reading intervention program for children, teens, and adults that compels the brain to remodel the neural network that, in poor readers, guides the reading process inappropriately. Struggling readers are quickly transformed to excellent readers. Read Right has an impressive record of success with RTI tiers 2 & 3, Special Education including dyslexia and autism, and English Language Learners. Read Right consultants can train school staff to implement the unique methodology, or Read Right staff can offer service directly to students via live, real-time Online Tutoring. Read Right also offers a whole-class Primary Core Curriculum.


Grades: 3rd-8th
URL: http://www.readorium.com
Readorium, a highly motivating, supplemental, online program, teaches students key strategies for comprehending nonfiction text. Personal mentors guide students through chapter books aligned with NGSS and State Science Standards. Books are written at 10-12 levels. All students understand the same rich, grade-appropriate content because the readability levels of chapters and supports continually adjust to them. Teachers receive real-time progress reports and resources to further target instruction. Readorium won the 2016 CODiE Award for Best Reading/English/Language Arts/Instructional Solution, was a 2016 ED Tech Digest Cool Tool Finalist, received the Trendsetter Award for Innovative Content, and is recommended by the NSTA.

Grades: 5th-12th
URL: http://Listenwise.com
Listenwise is an award-winning listening skills platform. We harness the power of listening to advance literacy and learning in all students. Our collection of podcasts and public radio keeps teaching connected to the real world and builds student listening skills at the same time. The curriculum aligned podcasts are paired with learning tools and listening comprehension assessments to transform them into rigorous academic content. Students are motivated by the interesting real world stories, and Listenwise provides the literacy supports and differentiated instruction necessary for diverse classrooms including ELLs and reluctant readers.

Bethlehem Books
Grades: 1st-8th
URL: http://www.bethlehembooks.com
FOR THOSE of you who don't know us—Bethlehem Books is a small, home grown publishing company dedicated to restoring to children and families a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature. We publish tried and true historical fiction, adventure tales, biographies, and family stories which help children and young adults expand their imagination and understand the past. With our 100 + ebooks, we also have The Portraits in Faith and Freedom. This series of biographies was originally made available in the 1950’s and 60’s by publishers who wished to introduce young people to a wide range of arresting and faithful Catholic lives.



Classical Academic Press
Grades: K-12th
URL: https://classicalacademicpress.com
Classical Academic Press is a K-12 educational publishing, media, and consulting company for schools and homeschools. We are the product of decades of brainstorming, conversations, thoughtful critiques, and classroom application from leaders and educators throughout the nation. Our mission is to produce and supply the finest curricula, media, and classical education training to communities across the English-speaking world. Our motto “Classical Subjects Creatively Taught,” describes the essence of all that we publish. We seek to produce curricula and media with a clear design and structure, incremental and systematic instruction, all with a touch of delight, creativity, and flair. Find courses in Latin, writing, grammar, logic, rhetoric, French, Spanish, and more!

Homeschool Spanish Academy
Grades: 1st-12th
URL: http://Spanish.Academy
Where homeschool students become fluent in Spanish. We teach Spanish 1-on-1 via Skype with native Spanish-speaking instructors. Start students young, or earn high school foreign language credit. Find out why learning with HSA really works for homeschoolers.

Foreign Languages For Kids By Kids
Grades: PreK & Up
URL: https://foreignlanguagesforkids.com

Learn Spanish the award-winning way! In our Spanish video series, students learn through: other kids speaking Spanish in relevant life-like situations; a lively and humorous storyline that children can relate to and follow; an entertaining and ongoing plot, with its own set of colorful characters; and humor because it is easier to remember what makes us laugh. The program gives children three and up — and adults — the opportunity to speak and understand Spanish in a short time. The words and sentences taught are practical and used in everyday life! Visit our site to learn more!


Character & Health


Grades: Birth-12th
URL: http://www.parent.co
Parent.co is a digital publication for people who are as curious about the world as they are committed to raising great kids. Our mission is to inspire parents and help them succeed by sharing useful, hilarious, and compelling stories every day. In an effort to cover the complex subject of parenthood, we publish a wide variety perspectives on parent.co. The articles we publish are not a reflection of our personal stances, but rather the perspectives of those who take the time to submit them. We believe that many of our world’s problems could be fixed if we raised more supported children.

We Choose Virtues
Grades: Preschool-11th
URL: http://wechoosevirtues.com
We Choose Virtues gives you a simple plan to become a family of lasting character. This program’s far-reaching success is due to the catchy slogans that define and inspire. They create a positive language, improving the atmosphere in your home or classroom for good. Let us help you build new habits in your kids and teens with lessons on Diligence, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-Control, Patience, Obedience and more. Get our Parenting Cards, Posters, Sticker Charts and Lesson Plans at www.wechoosevirtues.com.

The Etiquette Factory
Grades: PreK-12th
URL: http://www.TheEtiquetteFactory.com
Teaching children character, manners, accountability, empathy, integrity and many other life skills, The Etiquette Factory uses games, stories, music, role play and kind discussion to help your children master these life changing skills. Please, give your children these essential tools so that they can reach their potential both personally and professionally. Our Life Skills for You online curriculum counts as 1/2 credit for Life Skills for High School students and will benefit their lives in countless ways. Don't miss this opportunity. Visit us today and allow us to help you with the most important work on this planet, our children.

CARE2 Systems
Grades: PreK-12th
URL: http://care2systems.com
The CARE-2 (Child & Adolescent Risk Evaluation) by Dr. Kathy Seifert works to identify youth who are at risk for violence and determines specific interventions needed to prevent any future risk of aggressive behavior. Updated and enhanced, this invaluable tool examines every factor that may be affecting the youth's development, and puts a plan in place for the youth to mature into a positively pro-social functioning member of society.

Happy Kids Songs
Grades: K-3rd
URL: http://happykidssongs.com
Join the thousands of parents and teachers worldwide who have discovered this fun and effective way to boost character, social and emotional skills in 3 to 8 year-olds. Ten albums, each with 5 songs, have won: • Mom’s Choice Award • Teacher’s Choice Award • iParenting Media Award • Academics’ Choice Award •The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, and more. These high-quality songs not only entertain, but also help kids learn important tools for positive thinking, communication, dealing with bullying, shyness, feelings, fears, celebrating differences, kindness, etc. Happy Kids Learn Better! Download 3 FREE SONGS at HappyKidsSongs.com.

Awesome Workbook
Grades: 4-9th
URL: http://awesomeworkbook.com
This website shares information about how to help both boys and girls, ages 8-14, develop a healthy self-image. Author Mary Richards provides a blog; some free pages to download; and an opportunity to purchase her consumable activity book, I Am Awesome! A Healthy Workbook For Kids. There are six chapters, each focusing on one of the six types of maturity: Personal, Mental, Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Ethical. There is also an appendix of good things to know and fun things to do. The content is the same in both versions of the book, color and black and white.

Character Concepts
Grades: K-12th
URL: http://characterconcepts.com/store
CharacterConcepts.com grew out of the day-to-day life of Rick and Marilyn Boyer. The Boyers wanted their fourteen children to have fun-to-use, Bible-based character training materials but couldn’t find an organized character curriculum. So they designed fun projects to teach character lessons from Scripture and history. As time went on, they began to combine their ideas into an age-appropriate curriculum so that other parents could have the benefit of their experience. Now, the Character Concepts Curriculum and the Boyers’ large selection of home schooling books and audio recordings give parents the hands-on tools to train up “kids of character!” Get 20% off any/all levels of character curriculum here with code: TOP100.


Art, Music & History

State History by A Helping Hand
Complete State History courses from a Christian perspective for each state. Age 4 - grade 12, correlated. Six-week course, expandable; one-semester option for secondary level (teacher-directed or independent study). Students make project notebook using text and state symbol pictures we provide. Color-cut-paste Funbook for age 4-grade 2. Or study all fifty states in statehood order, learning US History / US Geography: Fifty States Under God (two levels, correlated, age 4 - grade 12) and Geography of the Fifty States (grades 3-12). Easy to use, self-contained. Fifty States Under God (both levels) include color state symbol pictures for all fifty states.

Live Music Tutor
Do you homeschool for a better quality of education, convenience, safety and stability? Live Music Tutor provides an innovative music education platform that meets these needs and more. For your child, you can choose live, interactive lessons from the best instructors, at times which fit your schedule in a safe online community. All our instructors are vetted. Signup is FREE. Choose any instrument including voice. All courses are recorded so you can track the progress of your child and review to improve their performance. Get started today! Click on the link and transform how your child learns music.

Carla Sonheim Presents
We offer a wide variety of online classes in Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and creativity for all ages. Our philosophy is that everyone is creative and there is not wrong way to make art. We have students and and professional artist/teachers from around the world who share our love for just being yourself and making things.

Building Tomorrow's Generation with Marcia Washburn
Building Tomorrow’s Generation offers support and curriculum for homeschoolers, Christian parents, and music teachers. From her award-winning music appreciation curriculum, Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music, to Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families, Homemade Convenience Foods, the Management for Moms series, Home-Based Eldercare: Stories & Strategies for Caregivers and others, Marcia Washburn blends practical advice with encouragement and Biblical principles. Check out MarciaWashburn.com for articles, newsletters, and in-depth descriptions of her many resources and speaking topics.

The Shorter Word
The Shorter Word is the website of Laurie J. White author of the award-winning book King Alfred's English--an entertaining and faith-building history of the English language for grades 7 and above. Laurie also offers historical fiction and biography for younger students too, and also a FREE streamlined history timeline for all ages. Go to her site to read reviews and see what her books are about. But if you read King Alfred's English be forewarned: you will never look at words, grammar, Shakespeare, the Bible, and language the same!

How Great Thou ART
Art education is easy for parents, fun for students with How Great Thou ART. Trusted, award-winning instruction from artist and teacher Barry Stebbing for over 20 years. Step-by-step instruction in art fundamentals for ages 4 to adult. Drawing, painting, penmanship, nature journaling, art history, and more. Explore our curriculum selection of worktexts and DVDs, as well as recommended art supplies. Christian art instruction for families, homeschools, & private schools. Ebooks available for instant download. Best value on the market for art lessons. Visit our ART Works! blog or try our free art lessons today! Many Cathy Duffy Top Picks.


Toys & Games

American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA)

Grades: Birth-8th & Adult Education
URL: http://www.astratoy.org
Inspired by the power of play, ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) encourages families to shop local for toys and games. Find the best toys and games to support your family and classroom by visiting your neighborhood toy store. Learn the science behind play! Take your personal and professional expertise to the next level by enrolling in ASTRA’s Certified Play Expert program.

Uncle Goose makes wooden blocks. We handcraft every set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes. And yes, we are 100% made in the USA.

Pinblock is dedicated to helping inspire and motivate children to build creatively and develop in Stem Categories, Spatial Intelligence, and Creativity while having fun. Pinblock is a unique building block toy that: •Doesn’t require shifting through bins looking for the “Right Piece” •Can create bends, folds, and even designs that have moving parts •Never leaves unused blocks that only work for one specific model We provide creative inspiration to help create unique builds, video tutorials for model specific builds, and various building techniques from Pixel Arts, to 3D designs, and even wearable designs which is exclusively unique to Pinblock.


Grades: 1st-6th
URL: http://www.arcademics.com
Arcademics is the leader in online multiplayer edu-gaming! Students play on their computers or devices to master math and language arts facts - and parents have access to progress data and trend analysis. Check out free games at www.arcademics.com/games


Religious Curricula

Adventure Homeschool
Everyday Exploring - Extraordinary Learning! Adventure Homeschool products include exciting Adventure Packs, Learning Tools, Kits, and Unit Studies for family learning. Teach students using hands on projects with a combination of both traditional and interactive methods. Uniquely designed, these techniques and tools help kids, of various learning styles and levels, develop a life-long love of learning. The interactive unit studies are enhanced by the use of the adventure educational tools, but do not require them. Studies include everything but math! Most importantly, guide your children as they get to know their Creator, through the study and exploration of His creation.

PreK-1st & 3rd-7th
A wonderful collection of 14 self-published books: a children's book, 3 chemistry books, 2 collections of bible passages or verses, a history book, and several environmental books!

Stone Tablet Press
Grades: K-3rd
URL: http://www.stonetabletpress.com
Thousands of Catholic parents and educators are using the Little Angel Readers® to teach their children and students to read. The Little Angel Readers are a series of phonetic readers and coordinated workbooks for teaching beginning reading using phonics. The Little Angel Readers use the highly effective methods of phonetic word drill, reading phonetic stories, and written exercises to teach each letter-sound relationship. Catholic stories in the readers support the child's faith and help to build character while developing comprehension. Children enjoy the child-appealing stories and colorful illustrations. Teachers and parents like the easy-to-use lesson plans and successful teaching strategies.

American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF)
Grades: K-College
URL: http://www.americanheritage.org
Provides FREE K-College homeschooler/teacher units, lesson plans, course guides, and more on America’s philosophical heritage and founding documents - for Social Studies, US History, US Government, US Philosophy, Civics, Humanities, and Bible. AHEF uniquely focuses on the Judeo-Christian, Bible-based roots of America. AHEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the understanding and teaching of America's philosophical heritage to promote constructive citizenship and Freedom, Unity, Progress, and Responsibility among students and citizens.

EverBright Media
Grades: 1st-5th
URL: http://www.everbrightmedia.com
Conventional methods of learning aren’t right for every child. But it’s been proven that kids learn through experience. EverBright Media aims to give children a visual learning experience like none other by bringing the subject material to life through entertaining films that kids love. Each film they produce includes a complete set of activities that reinforce the lesson from the film, and can be streamed online for anytime, anywhere learning. Try a free* lesson today!


Financial Education


Clever Dough Kids
Featured on Radio Disney, in the Costco Connections magazine, as regular guest on parenting shows, Amanda van der Gulik uses her 'Story-Telling' talents to teach both kids and teens (and their parents) about money. She makes it fun and personally involving so we raise kids with a strong "Healthy Wealth Mentality"! No one likes to be TOLD what to do! But we all LOVE stories!!! From getting kids excited to learn about money to fun ways kids can make their own money using their natural talents and passions! Get 7 Free Tools to help you with teaching children about money

Biz Kid$
Biz Kid$ is a fun, half-hour TV series about kids, money, and business. Using a clever blend of entertainment and education, this series shows kids how to make and manage their own money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The shows format includes a mix of real-life profiles, sketch comedy, animation, and off-beat characters, like the King of KaChing and Financial Genius. Each episode maps to national standards for both financial literacy and entrepreneurship - hopefully it will inspire and encourage kids or anyone that can watch an episode on TV or clips on the website to make and manage their own money.


All Subjects

Birth & up
“Uscolia” (www.uscolia.com) is a radical book about learning from birth without teaching. On the magical island of Uscolia, children achieve native fluency in several languages, music, math, and other subjects the same way we all acquire our mother tongue: by exposure, observation, and imitation. Our brains are wired for self-learning, pattern recognition, and rule building. What we generally refer to as teaching is an illusion. All learning is internal, beginning and ending inside the brain. The book also describes the Uscolian theory of learning and the author’s experience applying some of the principles that guide Uscolians in raising their children.

Grades: K-12th
URL: https://giftedandtalented.com
Guided by ongoing research at Stanford University, GiftedandTalented.com provides innovative personalized programs that help students become advanced learners in Mathematics, English, and Science, including Computer Programming and Physics. Students work independently or with the support of a Tutor. Kindergarten through 12th-grade students of all backgrounds can benefit from enrolling in our personalized courses. Whether supplementing school, preparing for tests or homeschooling, we accelerate learning.

Mona Melisa Designs - PEEL, PLAY & LEARN
What if everything you know about wall decals is wrong? See the difference with PEEL, PLAY & LEARN wall play sets!! We use superior materials: A fabric that is endlessly adhesive and cleanable – just use rubbing alcohol. A fabric that is durable – Will not rip or tear. A fabric that is safe – No BPA, lead or PVC. Our products are made in the USA! Our belief is that in order for children to best learn, they need to be a part of the educational experience. Together, let's create a generation of inspired thinkers and imaginative minds!

Creative Teaching Press
Creative Teaching Press (CTP) is a family-owned and teacher-managed supplemental educational publisher for children ages 3–14, grades PreK–8. CTP is a recognized leader in the educational industry and offers a wide variety of classroom learning décor and research-based, teacher-tested products. CTP offers an assortment of learning resources for parents and teachers in a variety of subject areas including phonics, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. CTP celebrates more than five decades of providing parents and teachers from around the world with high-quality, easy-to-use learning materials.

Time4Learning is an award-winning, comprehensive, online curriculum for grades PreK-12th. Our student-paced approach, allows students to quickly progress through subjects that they are good at and dedicate more time to the more challenging subjects. Time4Learning's student-paced approach helps students achieve balance, build a solid academic foundation, and maintain their desire to learn. Our multi-faceted curriculum, outstanding customer support, and incredibly handy homeschool tools help you and your family focus on the learning aspect of homeschooling rather than its administration. That is why Time4Learning has been trusted as the homeschool solution for over 500,000 homeschool families for over a decade.

Grades: 6th-12th
URL: https://www.teenlife.com
Teenagers with a range of outside-the-classroom experiences do better in school, in the college admissions process, and in their adult lives. Our online directory of 15,000 summer programs, gap year programs, community service opportunities, and much more, helps teens and their parents make educated decisions on experiential learning. TeenLife also produces digital category-based guides such as the Guide to Overnight Summer Programs, the Guide to Gap Year Programs, the Guide to Performing and Visual Arts Colleges, and the Guide to STEM Programs. Our blog offers even more informative, relevant content for parents, teens, and educators. We are passionate about teen success!

Timberdoodle Co
Our flagship product is our award-winning Complete Curriculum for grades 0-12. Each kit features hands-on learning tools with a critical thinking and STEM skills focus. Highly reviewed by dozens of homeschool families like yours, every kit is completely customizable to ensure the best possible fit for your family. Kits are available in editions that reflect our Christian worldview as well as secular/charter school editions. Timberdoodle searches around the world to find the best tools and curricula, then integrates them into a fantastic year's curriculum. Visit our site today and get our free print catalog headed your way!

Global Student Network (GSN): Offers one-stop online access to eight (8) award-winning, comprehensive learning programs for schools, homeschools and homeschool support groups and co-ops. The programs include more than 2000 individual courses, including core course offerings, honors courses, & Bible-based curriculum. Curriculum packages include: GradPoint, Plato, Apex Learning, A+ Courseware, Odysseyware, Ignitia, Accelerate, Study Island and Rosetta Stone. GSN features open-ended registration. All learning packages include programs suited for every learning style, interest or educational need. Enroll anytime. GSN's friendly staff is available Monday-Friday during business hours to guide students through the registration and enrollment process.

Leadership Education/TJEd
Leadership Education (TJEd) - Q: How do you solve your homeschool problems? A: You * (Inspired + Inspiring) = Life-Long Excellence in Family Learning. Leadership Education, also known as Thomas Jefferson Education or “TJEd,” is all about cultivating an Inspired Mind. Included among our offerings:  • This Week in History - whatever you want to learn, whatever there is to teach, it starts with history. TWIH is keyword-searchable and the whole year's archive is available at any time. • Mentoring in the Classics helps to light YOUR fire, so you have confidence and content to pass on to those you teach

Study.com Video Lessons for K-12 & College

Grades: K-12th
URL: https://study.com
Study.com is the simplest, most efficient way to learn online. Over 25 million students a month use Study.com's online courses and study tools to master all major K-12 subjects. The animated videos bring concepts to life and provide an easy, low-cost way for students to improve their grades, get help with their homework, and even earn college credit. Students can watch and learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, even on their phone.

Visions in Education
Grades: K-12th
URL: http://www.viedu.org
Visions in Education is a tuition free public school that provides a high quality education to home school and independent study high school students. We pair an award winning curriculum with a dedicated teaching staff to ensure your student reaches their potential. Visions in Education offers 3 primary programs; a K-12 Home School, a 9-12 Independent Study, and a University Prep Academy. Visions in Education serves 9 counties in Northern California; Amador, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Sutter, and Yolo.

Grades: K-12th
URL: http://www.wiziq.com
WizIQ builds online teaching and training software products, serving more than 5000 customers (universities, K12, test prep/tutoring/training institutes, corporates, individual instructors) worldwide. WizIQ Virtual Classroom is an easy-to-use software to deliver live online classes, training sessions and webinars. WizIQ Online Academy is an intuitive learning management system to create and deliver self-paced learning. It is a perfect solution for educational and corporate organizations to create self-branded learning portal for delivering distance education, internal employee and extended enterprise training. For individual instructors frustrated by high commissions, discounts and cross-selling in learning marketplaces, it offers a seamless way to sell video-based courses.

Grades: K-12th
URL: https://www.nextlesson.org
NextLesson offers standards‑aligned K‑12 projects and lessons that engage students in real world problem solving through topics they love. Our projects and lessons provide students with opportunities to develop and apply critical thinking skills in real world situations. All lessons are developed by a hand-picked group of real teachers, and are ready-to-use and easily adapted to any classroom environment. Since 2013, NextLesson has engaged over 2 million students and 60,000 teachers in school districts across the country.

Forest Trail Academy
Grades: K-12th
URL: http://www.foresttrailacademy.com
Forest Trail Academy is an accredited Kindergarten (K) to twelfth grade (12), private online school. They are regionally accredited by both SACS CASI and MSA-CESS. Their students earn credits and diplomas and are accepted at all colleges/universities. They provide all certified teachers who grade and give feedback to our students. In addition, they have a community for our students to interact with each other. They accept students world-wide, and also issue I-20 visas for international students.


College Prep

College Prep Genius
Grades: 7th-12th
URL: http://www.collegeprepgenius.com
Our eCourse teaches how to ace standardized tests such as the SAT/PSAT because these are beatable tests. Colleges go up on their rankings based on test scores, so the higher the score-the more money you get! Many students consider themselves bad test-takers and do poorly but the truth is that these tests are logic-based and every question can be answered in 30 seconds or less. Our proven award-winning program has helped students raise scores as much as 600 points, become National Merit Scholars and go to Ivy Leagues for FREE since most colleges admit and give scholarships on scores alone!

Lumerit Scholar
Grades: 9th-College
URL: https://lumeritscholar.com
Lumerit Scholar is an online college program that helps students earn their bachelor’s degree as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. We cut the cost of college by chucking the “extras.” Instead of charging you for campus upkeep, sports teams, and tenured professors, we help you earn affordable credit outside the college system then transfer you into an accredited school for graduation. Through this process, we utilize credit-earning options available to students beyond the traditional classroom. As a result, Lumerit Scholars get the same education in half the time and for thousands of dollars less than the traditional college student.

Grades: 6th-12th
URL: http://www.myprepworks.com
Prepworks, an adaptive technology education company, offers a combination of intelligent software, courseware, and reporting designed to promote student achievement in middle and secondary school for high-stakes tests. The company serves students from across the country and globe, working at district and state levels, as well as with independent schools and non-profits. The award-winning education company has an unparalleled record of success in EOC and college readiness exams.


Other Homeschool & Classroom Solutions



Grades: PreK-12th
URL: https://www.applecoresystem.com
Applecore is an online record keeping service designed by and for homeschoolers. It allows you to track courses, grades, attendance and more, plus, print transcripts and report cards all with a click of a button!

Great Homeschool Conventions
Grades: PreK-12th
URL: http://www.greathomeschoolconventions.com
Great Homeschool Conventions is ready for 2017! You’re passionate about homeschooling. We’re passionate about helping you on the journey! Curious about homeschooling or new to homeschooling? We’re here to help you, too! Be equipped, encouraged, and educated as you connect with like-minded and grace-filled families, participate in workshops, glean wisdom from experienced speakers, and find the resources you need in our huge exhibit halls. We even have special events for you and your family to enjoy together. The 2017 locations are: Fort Worth, Texas; Greenville, South Carolina; Cincinnati, Ohio; Ontario, California. Make plans now to attend! Visit www.greathomeschoolconventions.com to register.

Virtual Field Trips
Grades: K-12th
URL: https://www.virtualfieldtrips.org
VFT Virtual Field Trips provides K-12 educators with high quality educational videos for social studies, geography, and science curriculums. Our videos are designed to align with the social studies, life science, and/or geography curriculums. Our preparation means you spend less time planning your lessons. Many students, especially those with challenges, can benefit from a highly visual presentation of content. Let us help you help all your students learn in the best way they can. Educators everywhere see the magic that transforms students when technology makes its way into the classroom. Let us increase your students' motivation with our videos.

Eduspire Solutions
Grades: 6th-12th
URL: http://www.eduspiresolutions.org
Eduspire Solutions’ cloud-based applications streamline and enhance classroom monitoring and student activity scheduling. Our e-hallpass (EHP) software is designed to modernize and simplify today’s antiquated methods of administering hall passes. EHP digitally enhances both accountability and security by continuously monitoring student time out of the classroom. FlexTime Manager (FTM) is a software platform designed to solve the headaches associated with managing customized activity periods, allowing schools to supercharge activity time. FTM can be configured to support supplemental academics, remediation, peer tutoring, accelerated learning, or extra-curricular activities, providing a way for student voice and choice and customized learning with hassle-free administration.




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