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8 Digital Texts: The Ultimate 2nd Grade Bundle


  • Grades: 2nd Grade

  • Subjects: Science, Social Studies

  • Product Type: Lesson/Unit Plans

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

Second Grade Textbooks Bundle in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. 8 Digital Textbooks for One Low Price!
Wow!  This is a remarkable deal. Homeschooling my kids is going to be so much easier now that I have this great material to work with.  - Ariana C 
Super impressed with the quality.  Great digital textbook package for homeschoolers. Quality is great, and the abundance of content is incredible. We will be using this for years to come!  - Christian W

Who is it for?

2nd Grade

Teachers,  Homeschoolers and Parents

What is included?

The Ultimate Second Grade Bundle provides 8 Digital Textbooks in PDF format and both the Student and Teacher’s Edition of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

All Aboard for Second Grade Language Arts contains 180 lessons, including leveled readers. All Aboard! for Second Grade Language Arts provides comprehensive daily Lessons that incorporate a variety of creative, interactive activities. Lessons 1-180. Key Skills and Concepts: Spelling and Vocabulary: Compound words; Homophones; Antonyms: Plural words; Contractions; Common suffixes; Double letters; Capitalization. Phonics: VCe patterns; R controlled vowel patters. Grammar: Nouns; Pronouns; Verbs and verb tenses; Contractions. Reading: Short fiction; U.S. History, Science, Geography Informational texts; Biographies. Writing: The 5 step Writing Process; Journal reflections; Main idea; Comparing and contrasting.

 All Aboard for Second Grade Math students build upon the basics and Common Core fundamentals of Math they learned in Kindergarten and First grade. Continuing with a very systematic approach, this E-Text is thorough yet streamlined. Consistent with Complete Curriculum’s All Aboard! for Math series, this textbook relies upon hands-on activities as a means for engaging the student.   An Assessment is given after every nine Lessons to review and reinforce material in manageable increments. There are 180 lessons in this E-Textbook. 

All Aboard for Second Grade Science introduces students to the basics and fundamentals of Science. Presenting key concepts; students explore and observe the natural world and living things, use the scientific inquiry process, measure, analyze data, study the properties of matter, heredity and the earth while communicating and sharing ideas. There are 180 lessons in this E-Textbook.

All Aboard for Second Grade Social Studies - All aboard for Second Grade Social Studies continues the study of social studies beyond their local community, delving further into geography, civics, government, and economics. There are 100 lessons in this E-Textbook. 

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This multiple subject package is available on Educents for the lowest price online!




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    Jun 20, 2016

    We won't start using this until in the fall, but I am so excited about what I am seeing, I can hardly wait to get started. The reading selections for Language Arts are very interesting. My husband is helping be get ready for fall and he just started reading them himself.

    Jean - Homeschooler, Parent

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Complete Curriculum
Complete Curriculum publishes distinctive K-12 digital texts and provides an engaging web-based instructional interface. Your students will experience engaging supplemental activities, real-world application exercises, and 21st- century skills development activities. Our cutting-edge technology will take them beyond the textbook into a world where what they learn becomes more than answers on a page - it becomes a part of their experience! Subjects include Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and more!

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