8 Digital Texts: The Ultimate 5th Grade Bundle

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  • Grades: 5th Grade
  • Subjects: All
  • Product Type: All-in-One Curriculum, Lesson/Unit Plans
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

8 Digital Fifth Grade Textbooks in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. One Super Price! Download our preview file! You are going to LOVE IT!


 Wow!  This is a remarkable deal. Homeschooling my kids is going to be so much easier now that I have this great material to work with.  - Ariana C 

Super impressed with the quality.  Great digital textbook package for homeschoolers. Quality is great, and the abundance of content is incredible. We will be using this for years to come!  - Christian W

Who is it for?


5th Grade


Teachers, Homeschoolers and Parents


What is included?


The Ultimate Fifth Grade Bundle provides 8 Digital Textbooks in PDF format and both the Student and Teacher’s Edition of Language ArtsMath,  Science  and  Social Studies.


Voyages in Fifth Grade Language Arts offers comprehensive Language Arts content that is structured, yet adaptable to the needs and preferences of the student and teacher. Students are provided with a well-balanced and well-guided approach to Vocabulary, Reading, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Writing through exciting literature and lessons on such things as the key ideas of a story such as plot, them, main idea, character studies,  along with writers workshops, the study of fiction and non-fiction and more!


Voyages in Fifth Grade Math, aligned with the Common Core Standards, provides a guided, in depth exploration of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions to secure the student’s ability to understand and apply these operations to correctly complete problems. There are 180 Lessons within this text.


Voyages in Fifth Grade Science, through active inquiry and analysis, explores science processes and their social implications, force and motion, organization of living things, heredity, evolution, Earth Systems and Earth in Space and Time and much more!


Voyages in Fifth Grade Social Studies explores American Indians and the early explorers. Students will read maps, learn about landforms, geographic terms, the five themes of geography, the first people in North America and examine the causes and consequences of European exploration. 150 Lessons.









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Complete Curriculum
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Complete Curriculum publishes distinctive K-12 digital texts and provides an engaging web-based instructional interface. Your students will experience engaging supplemental activities, real-world application exercises, and 21st- century skills development activities. Our cutting-edge technology will take them beyond the textbook into a world where what they learn becomes more than answers on a page - it becomes a part of their experience! Subjects include Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and more!
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