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Preparilli Press

Preparilli Press

The ULTIMATE BLENDS BUNDLE is loaded with consonant blends practice! This pack focuses on short vowel words, but does give a gentle introduction to long vowel sounds.
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Product Description

The ULTIMATE BLENDS BUNDLE is loaded with consonant blends practice! This pack focuses on short vowel words, but does give a gentle introduction to long vowel sounds.

This Ultimate Blends Bundle is loaded with consonant blends practice! There are 45 (print & go!) adjacent consonant/digraphs pages; 72 (laminate and re-use) picture cards; 6 (print & go!) review sheets; and 3 (print & go!) recording sheets. Best of all, the Ultimate Blends Bundle is designed to help your new, or struggling reader become an AWESOME reader! 

Each of the 45 blends pages (pgs. 4-49) encourages careful reading habits. Your students will touch (with their finger or dot marker) and say aloud, as you listen, the sound pictures (letters, or groups of letters that make a particular sound) in each word. Then, they will find and write eight word blends. Each time they write a word, they will highlight the blend in that word. Finally, they will find and color all the words that have the target consonant blend. This part can be tricky if they are not reading the words, and just looking for the letters. For instance, when coloring the “bl” words, I have included “ball” and “lob” as possible choices. 

The consonant blends and digraphs included:
** bl, br
** ch (2 sheets covering all 3 sounds), tch, ck, cl, cr, ct
** dge, dr
** ff, fl, ft
** gl, gr
** ld, lf, lk, ll, lm, lp, lt
** mp
** nd, ng nt
** ph, pl, pr, pt
** sc, sh, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, ss, st, sw
** th, tr, tw
** wh, wr

This pack focuses on short vowel words, but does include a gentle introduction to long vowels. CCVCE words are introduced with the vowel and silent e underlined, so they appear different, and will cause your students to slow down and read. In most cases they are presented following their CCVC counterpart (ex: slim, slime).

Digraphs and other new sounds beyond the “basic code” that are represented by two or more letters, like “ng”, “sh” or “tch” are shown as a unit, and identified as a “sound picture”. This will encourage your students to understand that these letters work together to make a new sound (vs. discrete letters that are simply adjacent consonants). The consonant blends “sc” and “sw” are shown in both forms—as discrete letters and as units working together.  

Check out a PREVIEW of this product in my Are You Ready to Blend FREEBIE!
The Ultimate Blends Bundle is compatible with both the Reading Reflex and All About Spelling/Reading methods of instruction.


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Preparilli Press
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The aim of Preparilli Press is to train up children--not only to be successful students, but also to LOVE learning. Connect with me on Facebook and at Preparilli Press to see these products in action and grab some great freebies.

Before becoming a homeschooling mom, I received my Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida.  After graduating, I had a career as a base planner for the United States Air Force.  While working at the USAF Academy, I met my pilot-husband and began travelling the US and growing our family.  Since 2005, I have homeschooled our seven children in South Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and now, Alaska! I love being a part of my children's education. We have four boys, three girls and lots of learning styles. Every year brings new learning adventures and challenges--and I look forward to sharing them with you. 

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