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The Owl Teacher

About The Owl Teacher
I graduated in 2004 with a Bachelors in Science degree and an elementary education certificate. I am certified to teach K-8 Self-Contained and Middle School Science. I have taught ever since graduation,with most of my experience in 5th grade. I'm currently completing my Masters program in Differentiation.  I utilize a lot of differentiated strategies along with the workshop model in reading, writing, math, and sometimes science. I love more hands-on activities that are related to real life for students to explore. I'm not a huge fan of worksheets, but do use them occasionally.

Product Reviews

6 Reviews
6 Reviews

    Static electricity - a fun subject
    Jun 11, 2016

    This resource spoke to me (OK, it shouted a bit!) because it's such a perfect subject for kids to have fun with and to learn about.

    Martha M - Super-hero - Member Since April 2016
    Such an important subject!
    May 25, 2016

    This is such an important subject! And I like the accordion style presentation.

    We will add research to this project, even though it's not necessary. It's just something we like to do.

    This was purchased for home use.

    Martha M - Super-hero - Member Since April 2016
    Amazing Booklet!
    May 06, 2016

    I scoured Educents today, hoping to find the perfect lesson plan to use with our new erupting volanco. I'm so glad I found this! My kids are in 2nd and 5th grade and this booklet was perfect for all of them! Very kid friendly, fun illustrations, great layout, easy to use, printed perfectly--it had everything I needed including info on volcanoes and a recipe. Highly recommend this product and others by the seller!

    Celena M - Seller on Educents - Member Since November 2013
    This worked well
    Apr 13, 2016

    with these subjects wrote memorization is still the best method.

    Angela J - Teacher - Member Since November 2015
    Mar 01, 2016

    The package includes division and multiplication which severes dual purposes: intoducin to new facts as well as reinforcements for facts learned. Some children have a harder time learning one topic then moving on to the next without seeing the prior for a month or more. Dual systems, like this one, give you opportunities to assist more of one topic while continuing daily exposure to that which the child is comfortable or excelling. Plus the pages are visually appealing, and we all know you cannot go wrong with visual details. Be blessed.

    Ashton W - Homeschooler - Member Since February 2016

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