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  • Grades: Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
  • Subjects: All
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MOVE: Music therapist and special educator Margie La Bella’s “Move” CD focuses on the receptive language skills needed to understand and follow directions. Each song fosters concept development through active movement and dance. Skills addresses include: single and multi-step directions, body parts, opposites, verbs, prepositions, creative problem solving and more. Preview the music via this mp3 CD Link: http://www.educents.com/the-move-cd-26080.html

Who is it for?  Listen to samples of song tracks via this mp3 CD Album link:



  • 1st Graders (6 to 7-year-olds)
  • 2nd Graders, (7 to 8-year-olds)
  • 3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
  • Students with special needs or learning disabilities
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Kindergarteners (5 to 6-year-olds)
  • Pre-K
  • 1.Everybody Wave Hello

    This song opens our time together and sets the stage for upcoming learning. Children can the the opportunity to follow three one-step directions,while reaching out to connect with other people.

    2. Doin’ the Robot Dance

    To improve auditory processing skills (listening and following directions.)The rapid-fire lyrics command attention and help children to learn the wordsassociated with ways of specific body parts. Older children can move to the beat.

    3. Move and Stop

    Younger children can simply follow the one-step directions.Children relate body parts with an associated motion.This song is also good for improving auditory attention skills, and motor/impulse control. Older children can perform the last line (three 1-step directions in rapid   sequence).

    4. Stand up, Sit Back Down

    To provide a positive outlet for a natural action of children, (to leave their seat.) To foster learning of body parts and ways to move them. Children move specified body parts as suggested by song.Children move in creative ways within the confines suggested by lyric.

    5. Growl, Growl, Stomp

    This song helps with listening and pretending skills, both needed for cognitive development.

    It also stimulates attention (to the movements of the mother and baby bears,)as well as auditory anticipation and vocalization of “Grrowl!” The repetitive “growl, growl, stomp! gives a sense of sequencing and energy/vocal release.

    6. The Yee-haw Song

    This song requires receptive understanding of body parts and associated movements, as well  as

    expressive use of the word “Yeehaw!”Children can simulate the galloping sound of a horse by tapping

    their knees during the chorus, or by pretending to ride a horse like a cowboy. Older children can

    perform the directive twice and sing “yeehaw!”

    7.  Multi-Step Blues

    To improve ability to follow a (long) string  of quick one-step directions and control one’s actions

    body vocabulary and associated verbs, attention, backward sequencing of   directions, motor control and outlet for energy.

    8. Opposite Blues

    Helps facilitate the understanding of each concept individually (tall, small,   happy, sad, lift, arms, up, flutter, down, fast, slow, squeeze, and relax) and in contrast to it’s opposite.

    Other benefits: body vocabulary and associated verbs, attention, backward sequencing of                                      directions, motor control and outlet for energy.

    9. The Caterpillar

    To stimulate pretending and other higher process thinking skills. To foster focus, bodily relaxation and the concept of slow. To teach about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  Sometimes our lives can do the same. Making dreams come true.

    10 .  Move it by your Chair

    Aids in experiential learning of the concepts: in front of, behind, on the side,

    over, and under. The children learn about spacial relationships (prepositions) and counting while dancing freely to a lively beat. You may want to pause the CD after each direction is sung, help the children to the correct location, and then resume the music and dancing. The children can relax and listen to the fading drum beats at the end of the song.

    11. One Step Blues

    This song provides a deal of time to process the meaning of verbs and related body parts.

    Children can carry out the one part direction to the timing of the related sound effects. This is good for auditory attending and memory.

    12. Thinking Song -version one:

    To help teach body parts and simple problem solving.

    Older children can pretend to rock a baby each time they hear the words“baby”, and “honey.” They can also alternate or switch sides of the body each time a direction is given within a verse, as this is good for integrating sides of the brain.

    13. Stand Up, Sit Down (version 2)

    The directions to the song are easier to understand and less the accompaniment is less distracting.

    14. Thinking Song -level two

    This song fosters listening and creative problem-solving. It requires knowledge of body parts and quick deciphering skills. Older children can pretend to rock a baby each time they hear the words“baby”, and “honey.” They can also alternate or switch sides of the body each time a direction is given within a verse, as this is good for integrating sides of the brain.

    15. Growl, Growl, Stomp (instrumental version.)

    Just nice to listen or sing along to.

    16. Music time is Over

               This peacefully ends the listening time.This song naturally lends itself to swaying, rocking, and holding hands. Everyone can end on a positive, social, successful, relaxing note.

     Dear Margie,


    Congratulations! Your CD set is a PAL Award winner! I awarded the whole set because I thought they were outstanding in each area you addressed--receptive language, expressive language, auditory discrimination and processing and just having fun singing! You managed to produce a great product for ALL kids with a sensitivity to children with special needs.


    Your creativity, hard work, and developmental focus is evident in these outstanding CD's. The PAL Award is the only industry recognition focusing on the best toys, games and books that not only entertain, but also inspire kids and caregivers to engage in rich communication and interaction.


    In a world that runs on words, finding fun ways to build kids’ speech and language early on is invaluable to their future academic success.  My training as a language pathologist and over thirty five years of personally working and playing with young children has equipped me to distinguish top products.


    Sherry Y. Artemenko M.A., C.C.C.
    Speech Language Pathologist, Writer, Toy Consultant


    Music therapist and special educator Margaret La Bella presents Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!, a set of five music CDs for children of all ages, meant to do more than just entertain. Drawing upon pop, jazz, folk, rap, swing, reggae and more styles from around the world, this series encourages children to participate, promoting their development through interaction. "Sing!"  consists of action-packed songs with words and simple sentences that children can voice, promoting speech and auditory skills. "Play!"  includes songs about movement, body percussion, and the use of simple rhythm instruments, encouraging children to develop their motor and rhythm skills. "Move!"  features plenty of action-driven songs about following directions and learning simple physical and motion concepts. "Mixing It Up!"  blends singing, movement, body percussion, and the use of simple rhythm instruments into a joyful, interactive whole.


    By Jim Cox

    Midwest Book Review



    The first words out of her mouth was the song that I have taught the kids for a warm up (which they love!) "Open Your Mouth and say Ahhhhh!"  And then words just started happening!  Thank you! M.R.


    Dear Ms. La Bella,


    The Film Advisory Board is pleased to announce the CD "Mixing it Up!" from Move! Sing! Play along and Learn Series has been honored with the Award on Excellent Tribute.


    "Get your ears in gear" is the perfect description for the technique Music Therapy tunes uses in developing young people's audio and motor skills and for adults who require special training in these skills.  "Mixing it Up!" CD shakes it all together into a powerful concoction that makes one leap for joy.


    The music arrangements coupled with simple whimsical lyrics can provoke many interesting expressions that are unique to each child. This sense of understanding the simple directions of each tune can be the seed for creative development that Music Therapy Tunes offers.


    Encouraging statements voiced throughout  "Mixing it Up!" is the best medicine for success. Including a variety of tempos and stories is exciting. It keeps interest at top peak, which is necessary in aging auditory and motor skills children need to function in our complex world.


    The educational value "Mixing it Up!"  brings to music therapy is important. What also makes this wonderful CD so special is the talent and style that is the trademark of Music Therapy Tunes. 


    "Mixing it Up!" CD is important. It teaches the art of auditory and motor skills. The upbeat tunes will please all ages. It's wonderful fun for everyone.



    Thank you for giving the Film Advisory Board the opportunity to review  "Mixing it Up!"  - a valuable instructional too.


    Best regards,

    Janet Stokes

    Cheif Executive.






     “It integrates well with the general music curriculum, and works great with the inclusion kids.”

    “My students ask for it every lesson!” “I keep it in my emergency substitute kit.”      

    -- Carole Pearce, MS Music Ed.


    “Children and parents alike will enjoy Miss Margie’s innovative songs, each one cleverly using a different style of pop music and each one ingeniously orchestrated. From the first note to the last, my kids sang and danced.”                                               -- Christine Bouton,  Professional musician and mother of two


    “They just want to listen to it constantly…in the car, in the house, in their headphones.

    They can’t get enough of it.”            -- Mary Ellen Lowery, MOT (mom of two)


     “Margie’s lush voice is easy to listen to and her harmonies are fun for kids and adults to sing along with. I’ve got the Music in Me has great sounds and rhythms as do all of her songs whether they are rap, pop, jazz, folk, reggae, swing, or world music.  [The title song] is ideal for incorporating “round” singing and rudimentary choreography where each group moves to a melody or harmony line....The sound is very good and the material is excellent.!

    --Patricia P. Owner of SR Catalog, Distributor of fine dance and music products                                                                        


    On the first listen my 5 and 9-year old and I were dancing up a storm”

    Margie’s music encourages movement and verbal and nonverbal expression, with easy to understand directions (lyrics.) Other songs are very soothing and gentle incorporating  types of language concepts necessary during the preschool years.”          -Debbie V. SLP Speech and Language Pathologist


     “My children love them. They keep playing it over and over. Even my two-year-old

    knows all the words.!”                            -Patricia F. Teacher and mother of two


    “Margie combines language with music to produce a valuable educational tool.”

                        -Jody Anne Koch M.A.CCC-SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist.)


    It’s geared to the younger audience, but the music is innovative. The whole family can enjoy it.”

                                                             -Bob and Mary Ellen Lowery


    “The lyrics are educational in that they challenge children’s comprehension skills. The instrumental tracks address the child’s need to be motivated through movement.”

                                                             -Scott Agnew, M.S. Ed.,  School Psychologist


    “My kids play it in the car. They sing all the words and anticipate the movements.

     They sing it at the dinner table.”          -Rosemary W.,  O.T.R.


    “The kids love it they actually say “Oh, I love that song. I want to do it again! The preschool teachers use it during their circle time. It’s been used throughout the whole interdisciplinary department.  I’ve given it as a gift to two special needs kids. Their moms use it to carry over our developmental motor skills program that we started at school. It’s great for my professional work.  It’s fun for me to listen to, too; I love it.”

                                          -Molly S.,  O.T.R. Occupational Therapist.

    "Thanks Margie,  Definitely spreading the word. I'm a teacher in a special school with children with complex needs. Really enjoy your music and can't wait to share it with the kids."

    Regards  M.





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About the Seller

Songs and More for Learning Store: Raising $ to record my NEW CD!

Hi! I'm Margie La Bella and I'm beginning my 6th CD to be about Feelings.  It may be called "Big Feelings - Little Bodies."  I'm putting a lot of my products up for free here as a FUNdraiser.  Please order as you wish and if you like it, donate to me by ordering something with a price!  Thanks so much!  Here's my story: Margie La Bella, a music therapist and educator, began her career with the clarinet at age 9. Soon after she discovered that she could play by ear and that she liked to sing- and sing harmony! She began composing and performing in her early teens. Music has always been a “bright light” in her life: a source of joy, expression, connection and healing. She chose music therapy as a profession because she has seen the power of music and wants to share that with others’ hearts and minds.

Margie completed her music therapy internship in 1987 and promptly established the music therapy program with the children at the Leeway School where she continues to work. She has since obtained a master’s degree in special education.

Her CD series Move!Sing! Play Along and Learn! is a collection of original participation-based songs and dances designed to spark the imagination, playfulness, and language learning (expressive, receptive, and auditory/listening) of children. It is available to parents, grandparents, teachers, special education centers, therapists, music/dance/gym instructors and all those who are young at heart.

My life story: Why I am a music therapist

I was born a while ago, in a town called Shirley. It was Me, my mom and dad, and a whole street full of people related to each other. I mean that literally. I could never figure out why there was nobody to play with every Sunday afternoon, and why the street always smelled like spaghetti.

Being that I was the only kid on the block on these Sundays, I discovered some nice solitary things to do for amusement: puppets, drawing and writing stories. I liked to climb trees. And I used to contemplate deep things like how the stoplights knew the cars on the other side of the highway had stopped.

My music class was this: Once a month my school played a video of a hand puppet going up and down a xylophone like a ladder. That’s all until 4th grade.
We had a chance to sign up for instrument lessons and I took home a clarinet. I watched the forth grade band and told my mom and dad that soon I was gonna be on that stage.

Once I figured out how to tap my foot, I could count music beats and I was off. Well, my timing is still off. But, I have a great ear for figuring out melodies, harmonies and arrangements. I discovered it a few weeks after I met my clarinet. Didn’t do a thing to earn it. It was just always there and I am grateful. By the way, I found that, for the first time, I actually wanted to attend fourth grade -if it was a “music day.”

So music became my bright light: an inspiration, a motivation, a connection, a joy, an expression, a life-raft. I began to sing and play guitar and wrote quite a few songs. I had a great high-school music teacher who challenged me to write a composition for our jazz band. I ended up writing a seventeen part jazz chart called “It’s about Time” and it was played for the school twice! I was the featured trumpet soloist, (because I never got any solos in band.)

The reason I became a music therapist was because of what music did for me and my life. I wanted to give that opportunity and that tool to other people. Initially, I decided to be “the singing nurse” at age 17, but as soon as I heard about the field of music therapy, I was hooked.

In case you’re wondering, here is the current definition of music therapy according to the American Music Therapy Association:

“Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.” (American Music Therapy Association definition, 2005)

Not meaning to oversimplify things, I explain it this way:

Music therapy is the purposeful, scientific application of specific musical activities and experiences with the objective of accomplishing that which is….“non-musical”.

These non-musical objectives can include the furthering of expressive and receptive language development, improvement of physical (large and small muscular) coordination, self-help skills and daily living activities, emotional healing and trauma reduction, concept development and pain management. Of course the list can go on and on as music therapists work with people of all ages and all of the conditions life can bring.

The shortest definition is as thus: music therapy is reaching and teaching through music.

Please, log on to musictherapy.org and see all that it has to offer. It is an excellent, reader friendly, informative site.

This is a good time to officially note that though these songs were written by a music therapist for music therapy aims, that they themselves in no way constitute a plug-in music therapist!! ( As a clinician, I use the series when I’m feeling under the weather, have bad allergies, or laryngitis…) Each CD can foster fun times, language and conceptual learning, problem solving, creative thought and bonding with friends!

I hope you can use these CDs and enjoy them with your own special people!

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