The Human Heart - Nomenclature Cards


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Product Description

Includes 10 PARTS of the human HEART as well as BLANK image cards for students to create their own for study or testing purposes. See product description for more details!

What are Nomenclature Cards?
Nomenclature cards identify and name the various parts of a thing, an object or animal. Each part is isolated in color which draws the student’s attention to that particular part and not to superfluous details.

Why use Nomenclature Cards?
Students gain a much clearer and deeper understanding our world when terms have been placed with images. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but add a label and the value truly increases learning!

Download covers the following vocabulary for the Human Heart:
* pulmonary veins
* aorta
* vena cava
* pulmonary artery
* septum
* valves
* left ventricle
* left atrium
* right ventricle
* right atrium
* human heart as a whole

Also contains
* Fold-able cards are included for student study
* UNCOLORED images of the heart so students can create their own


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