The Focus Fidget Combo, Small, BLUE Bungee Cord with Puzzle Piece Roller Holder


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Product Description

The Focus Fidget was created by an elementary student with ADHD and Autism. It is a multi-functional, multi-sensory fidgeting tool that can be used by anyone in the seated position!

The Focus Fidget contains a high density, 6 inch x 12 inch exercise foam roller, industrial bungee cord, and synthetic rubber balls. For Ages 5 years and up. All components purchased from U.S.A. suppliers. Assembled in the U.S.A. Clean gently with water or soap and water.

This product comes with a small Focus Fidget (36 inch bungee cord) and logo drawstring bag for storage and/or transport. The small size Focus Fidget is best for kids K - 4th/5th grade who are of average height.

• Use it as a foot rest• Roll it and push it with your feet to help maintain an alert, focused state and for exercise.• The textured roller can provide a relaxing massage to the feet or thighs.• The balls can be used as a fidget for the hand(s) and/or provide deep pressure to the hands or feet.• Store The Focus Fidget on the Roller Holder accessory when not in active use.• The Focus Fidget and Roller Holder are colorful, light-weight, portable, and easy to clean!***Check out our additional pictures to see how The Focus Fidget can be used unattached anywhere!***




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About the Seller

The Focus Fidget

The Focus Fidget concept was initially created by my son, Jack, with my assistance as part of a school invention project to solve a problem. The problem Jack chose "to solve" was to help kids stay alert and focused while learning.  Jack has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Jack, like many of his peers, finds it challenging to maintain focus and learn while sitting still.  Jack is a kinesthetic learner--that is, he learns best when moving his body and feeling his environment. The Focus Fidget has helped Jack become a more focused and productive student at school and home.  We hope you will enjoy the many benefits of The Focus Fidget too!

--Jack, elementary school student, and Dr. Liz Sternberg, Jack's mom and Pediatrician, Co-creators of The Focus Fidget

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