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Learn American history this easy to understand way and teach your family and students about the U.S. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! Listen to the CD to relive the inspired words of America's founding father, Thomas Jefferson, and learn what they mean in today's words! CD includes the Declaration Song in various mixes, which can also be used for plays. Track 1: The Declaration Song, by Sue Dickson. Sing the immortal words " We hold these truths to be self evident," etc. that every American should know, and here's the easy way to learn them! Track 2 : Thomas Jefferson delivers his powerful words to the King of England, enumerating the reasons why the American colonies wanted to be free from British rule. Track 3: Thomas Jefferson reads through the Declaration bit by bit and then a teacher explains thought by thought what the words mean for kids to understand in today's language. We parents can learn too! Track 4: What Happened to the 56 Men Who Signed the Declaration (letter) to the king saying that we wanted to be free? It is a terrible but true story! The entire family will want to learn about this time in American history, and will want to have honor in their hearts for those people who forged the way to freedom for our country.

Teach your family and students about the U.S. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.  Relive the inspired words of Thomas Jefferson and learn what they truly mean!


Includes the Declaration Song in various mixes to use for plays.  Enacted on track 3 is Thomas Jefferson delivering powerful words to the King of England, then explained for kids to understand.  We parents can learn too!


CD includes –

1 – The Declaration Song 3:04

2 – Introduction 3:02

3 – The Declaration of Independence (Letter to the King) 17:34

4 – The Price They Paid (The 56 men who signed the Declaration) 3:20

5 – The Declaration Song Instrumental (no vocals) 3:04

6 – The Declaration Song (vocals lower volume)  3:04

Music and curriculum by teacher/author Sue Dickson





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Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach
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Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach uses music to teach  foundational information.  Sue's songs quickly and easily teach children the US Presidents, Inventors and Inventions,  the Constitution, Sight Words, as well as the basic addition/subtraction facts and the multiplication/division facts. 

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