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The best science kits for 6 year olds

Need to give a meaningful gift to a 6 year old child this year? How about a gift that sparks an interest in the sciences - like space, volcanos, or rocks! All of the gift ideas below will empower your budding scientist to explore the world. 

Magic School Bus Science Club

Turn your next craft day into an educational one!

The famous Magic School Bus series has been getting kids excited about STEM for two decades. The Science Club Kit takes the story based learning to the next level with comprehensive, hands-on kits that come right to your doorstep each month for a full year. And each month, you have at least 7 experiments!
This is a great choice for families with multiple children, kinesthetic, and visual learners - and just a fun, educational activity for a rainy day! The kits include experiments related to Volcanoes, Weather, Water, Fossils, Bacteria and Fungi, Star and Planets - the world around us.

Best of all, each kit comes with a colorful, Magic School Bus themed manual and a paired guide for adults. You don’t need to be a science nerd to be able to have fun leading and learning as a parent. There’s also an online clubhouse with further information for young explorers.
This is truly a gift that keeps on giving. “We bought these kits almost a year ago and my kids have been loving them. Each month they arrive, the kids get extremely excited to get together the materials to do the experiments...It gives a good outline and the kids enjoy understanding what is needed to make everything work. I would recommend this to a friend.”

“My children are really enjoying their science now! Any time they get to do hands on, it's awesome!” - Kristina P

“Magic school bus science at home is amazing. My girl loves science and experimenting this gives her monthly a new challenge book with supplies. It's excellent resource for science activities. Things really stick when she's excited to learn and this makes it so fun too!! ” - Ameirah T

Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket

Sensory kids will love to play, create, and learn with this bucket of fun.

Experimenting with squishy, squashy polymers creates the perfect opportunities for young children to engage in sensory play and to naturally use scientific processes while having fun.

The Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket comes with items such as test tubes, biodegradable cups, mixing spoons, coloring tablets, and an experiment guide to help you make the following: Gobbledy Goop, JellyStones, Water Marbles, Glow in the Dark Spit Balls, Slippery Spheres, Silly Squares, Space Sand, and Super Snow.

Adding a little water to crystals and powder will create lots of science fun for your little ones.

Use this bucket to learn, create, and play with your child. There are many ways to enjoy preschool science fun with the Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket. Use the super snow to practice writing letters and numbers, teach the importance of listening and following directions by allowing your child or student to work independently after being given instruction, and make Space Sand and use it to discuss the sea and coral reefs.

"My son LOVED this bucket! Each activity was super fun and engaging, He made a snowman from the snow, he took the bouncy balls outside and him and his friends threw them on the ground to watch them explode, he stacked the cubes.. there was so many fun things to do! Thanks for putting together a super fun bucket of activities!" -Faith

Solar System Wall Stickers

Study gravity, space travel, and the history of space exploration on your walls.


Kids can use these stickers to learn the solar system while developing motor skills. Use the Solar System Stickers to map out the galaxy on your dining room wall. The solar system wall stickers set teach planet recognition, solar system configuration, constellations, phases of the Earth's moon, seasons of the year, Earth's axis and rotation around the sun, and spelling!


Unlike other decals, the Mona MELisa Peel, Play & Learn wall stickers are made of a fabric material that does not rip or tear – a huge bonus when you have a child with minimal fine motor skills. They do not damage your walls or wall paper (we only have painted walls, so I couldn’t try that out) and they stick to textured walls.

"Gabe is very interested in space at the moment and I hardly had the box open before he wanted to play with them. My son was desperate to use this set as soon as he saw them, and together with his younger sister Evey, we decided to map out the Milky Way Galaxy on the dining room wall. We talked about each sticker and I prompted the kiddos to try and remember the correct order of the planets." -Patti B


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