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Thanksgiving BUNDLE:Thanksgiving Activities for Math,Writing & MORE!!!


  • Grades: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

  • Subjects: Holidays & Seasons, Math

  • Product Type: N/A

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

This Thanksgiving Activity Bundle includes four Thanksgiving Themed Activity Packets. A full month's worth of Thanksgiving Themed Learning Activities.

Who is it for?

  • 4th Graders (9 to 10-year-olds)
  • 3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
  • 2nd Graders, (7 to 8-year-olds)
  • Math learners
  • Homeschoolers
  • 5th Graders (10 to 11-year-olds)
  • Shoppers on a budget


What's included?

 This Bundle Includes:

1. Thanksgiving Creative Thinking Pack
2. Thanksgiving Math Packet
3. Thanksgiving Writing: How to Cook a Turkey Writing Activity and Craft
4. Pilgrim Creative Thinking Pack. All Thanksgiving Activities are described below:

1. Thanksgiving Creative Thinking Pack

This is a packet of 20 creative thinking, writing and math Thanksgiving activities for Thanksgiving. These thanksgiving activities may be used individually or stapled together to create a packet (black line cover included). Fostering creative thinking has been shown to increase learning in all areas.

Included in this Thanksgiving Activities packet you will find:

I am NOT Thankful- List 10 things you are not thankful for this Thanksgiving

You are Such a Turkey!- What if you were a turkey? How would your life be different?

Thanksgiving Problems- What are the disadvantages of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Pants- List the attributes of Thanksgiving and the attributes of jeans. Create something new

Thanksgiving Words- Write a word for every letter of the alphabet that has to do with Thanksgiving

Improving Thanksgiving- Make Thanksgiving bigger, add something and replace something

Baking Bind- Oh NO! Your oven broke! What are some other ways that you can cook Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving Games- Students are given a picture and have to tell how it has to do with Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Invention- Using a straw, a quarter, toothpicks and tape, students must invent something to use on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Math- Students will write a Thanksgiving word problem

Thanksgiving Leftovers- What are some other uses for all of the leftover food, napkins, empty plates, etc of Thanksgiving?

No Leftovers- Your parents say you must finish ALL of the Thanksgiving food before you can leave the table. Give 3 reasons why

A Turkey and an Ice Cube- How are a turkey and an ice cube alike?

Thanksgiving of the Future- What will Thanksgiving be like in the future?

What is “Thanksgiving”?- the answer is Thanksgiving. You write the questions

My Dog Ate My Thanksgiving- Company is on their way over and your dog ate your turkey. What are some ways you can still have a good Thanksgiving?

The Ultimate Centerpiece?- You need to make a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table using rubber bands, tape, scissors, a fake flower and a Justin Beiber poster

Aren't You the Cutest?- You are keeping track of how many times your cheeks get pinched this Thanksgiving. You can't use a paper or a pencil. How can you keep track?

The Mysterious Dessert- an ice cream cake with a burning candle shows up on your Thanksgiving table. No one knows how it got there. Give three possible explanations.

Thanksgiving Poetry- Write a Thanksgiving acrostic poem

Sample Answers included with these Thanksgiving activities to get you and your class thinking!

These Thanksgiving activities makes a great Thanksgiving early finishers packet as well! Use these Thanksgiving activities as sponge activities to get your students thinking. Set up some Thanksgiving centers around or on Thanksgiving using these Thanksgiving Activities.

2.. Pilgrim Creative Thinking Pack

This is a packet of 20 Pilgrim themed creative thinking, writing and math Thanksgiving activities

These Pilgrim activities may be used individually or stapled together to create a pilgrim packet (black line cover included).

Fostering creative thinking has been shown to increase learning in all areas.

**This packet is designed to be used around Thanksgiving with a Non-Fiction Pilgrim unit of study. One of my favorites is the Interact Pilgrim Simulation (no affiliation)**

Included in this Thanksgiving Activity Pilgrim Packet you will find:

-The Ungrateful Pilgrim- List 10 things the Pilgrims weren't thankful for

-Living the Pilgrim Life-How would your life be different if you were a Pilgrim?

-Pilgrim Problems- What were 5 disadvantages that the Pilgrims had when sailing on the Mayflower?

-Home Sweet Home- Compare a Wampanoag home and a Pilgrim home. Combine them to make a new home

-Pilgrim Words- List a word for every letter of the alphabet that has to do with the Pilgrims

-Improving the Mayflower- Make it bigger, add something and replace something on the Mayflower to make it better for the Pilgrims

-Finding Food- You are a Pilgrim and winter is coming. You don't have enough food for your Pilgrim family. List 5 other ways you can get food

-Digging up the Past- You are an archaeologist who discovered a funny-looking Pilgrim sign at the site of the Plymouth colony. Explain what it could have meant for the Pilgrims

Plymouth Construction- Using twine, sticks and and a can, make something the Pilgrims could have used

Pilgrim Math- Using what you know about Pilgrims, create a word problem about the pilgrims for a friend to solve

-The Resourceful Pilgrim- The cast iron pot was one of the Pilgrims most prized possessions. What are 5 other ways a Pilgrim could use a cast iron pot?

-The Lazy Pilgrim- As a pilgrim, everyone must work, but you are a lazy Pilgrim and don't feel like it. Give three excuses to your Pilgrim mom as to why you can't work

-The Pilgrim and the Mayflower- How is a Pilgrim like the Mayflower

-This Land is OUR Land- Who really owns the land? The Wampanoag or the Pilgrims? Give three reasons to support your choice

-Who are "The Pilgrims”- Write questions that have the answer of "the Pilgrims"

-Time Travel- What are 3 things you would bring with you if you went back in time to live with the Pilgrims and why

-Sinking Fast- You are a Pilgrim child and dropped your toy into the ocean. You have to get it back using only bread, a hat and some string. Tell how you would do it.

Keeping Track- You are a pilgrim child and you want to count the days you have been in the colony, but you don't have a paper or a pencil. How else can you keep track of the days?

The Mysterious Deer- A deer shows up in the middle of the fenced Pilgrim village. How did this happen?

Pilgrim Poetry- Write an acrostic poem with the word "Pilgrim"

Sample Answers included in this Thanksgiving Activity Pilgrim packet to get you and your class thinking!

This makes a great Thanksgiving early finishers packet as well! Use them as sponge activities to get your students thinking. Do you have a student who needs enrichment? Make this Pilgrim Pack an independent study unit. Create Pilgrim themed centers by offering a selection of Pilgrim and Thanksgiving books.

3. Thanksgiving Math Packet

Here is a packet of Thanksgiving Activities for Math. This thanksgiving math packet is geared towards 3rd -5th graders. This Thanksgiving math packet includes story problems for every operation, graphing, comparing numbers and more!

Included you will find 18 pages of Thanksgiving Math:

Thanksgiving Math- Thanksgiving themed Addition Stories. Single and multi-step problems

Thanksgiving Math- Subtraction Stories. Single and multi-step problems

Thanksgiving Math- Multiplication Stories. Single and multi-step problems

Thanksgiving Math- Division Stories. Single and multi-step problems

Thanksgiving Math- Graphing - Natalia surveys her class about their favorite Thanksgiving food. Answer questions about her data and make a graph

Thanksgiving Math- Using Data for Fractions- Use Natalia's data to make fractions

Thanksgiving Math- Number Comparison- Compare two numbers using greater than, less than and equal to. Add in a missing number to make the number sentence true

Thanksgiving Math- Rounding- rounding numbers to nearest 10 and 100

Thanksgiving Math- Elapsed Time- What time did Jackson's dinner start? How long did Thanksgiving dinner take? What time did Tonya and her family get to Grandma's? Solve these time problems to find out

Thanksgiving Math- Addition and Subtraction with 3 and 4 digit numbers

Thanksgiving Math- Fractions- Divide Thanksgiving dessert up for the guests. Help a Farmer make a new turkey pen

Thanksgiving Math- Number Patterns- Find the pattern and fill in the missing numbers. Identify the pattern.

Thanksgiving Math- Even and Odd. Color even numbers orange and odd numbers brown. Identify what fraction of the items are even

This thanksgiving math packet would make a great supplement to your curriculum. Offer this thanksgiving math packet as review or enrichment.

Answer Key is included for this Thanksgiving math packet.

Put this thanksgiving math activity on your smart board and complete as a class or give this thanksgiving math packet to students to complete individually.

4. Thanksgiving Writing: How To Cook a Turkey: Writing project and Craft

Your students will enjoy this Thanksgiving Writing Project and Craft about as much as others will enjoy reading them! This Thanksgiving writing project has students write instructions on how to cook a turkey- from cooking temperatures to turkey size.

In this Thanksgiving writing project, students will write a numbered list or a paragraph. This Thanksgiving writing will focus on expository writing, sequencing and the use of time transition words.

How to Cook a Turkey Thanksgiving Writing and Craft includes:

-daily writing instructions
-graphic organizers
-rough draft writing paper
-Writing paper in color or black and white
-Turkey coloring page
-Thanksgiving craft instructions

Post this thanksgiving writing project in your hallway and let the Thanksgiving chuckles begin!

Your students will have fun completing these Thanksgiving writing activities and Thanksgiving math packet!

All of these Thanksgiving activities are available individually in my store. Save 25% on these thanksgiving activities when you bundle!!!
Total Pages 151
Answer Key Included
Teaching Duration 3 weeks



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