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  • Grades: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

  • Subjects: Math, Reading

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Great for struggling readers, to help them form new study habits. It is easy to follow, and you can pause along the way. I was also able to print copies of the test to use with students. – reviewer for Teachers' Choice Award for the Family Program These DVD programs help ease test anxiety and teach essential skills. Marko the Pencil hosts all three programs in a fun and lively way to help boost test scores. You will receive: Reading Comprehension DVD, Math Word Problems DVD, Writing Strategies DVD, and free printable practice tests and activities on website.



DVD 3 Pack includes: Reading Comprehension DVD, Math Word Problems DVD, and Writing Strategies DVD. Improve math and reading literacy at a 3rd  grade level. Boost writing skills at any age. Relieve test anxiety with practical tips and practice. Marko the Pencil will show you how with these award-winning DVDs.


"This DVD teaches students to read questions first on a test. Read the questions carefully and, look for important words like EXCEPT. Underline sentences that seem important. Usually the main idea is at the beginning and the end of a passage. Scan for context clues… read sentences right before and after something you don't understand. Be a detective, look for clues! Put the answers in the fill-in-the-blank questions, and see which one sounds right. If you think you know the correct answer, you still need to read the other options. Use clues that the author gives you. Look for transition or order words: first, next, then, finally, etc. Children learn a variety of reading strategies to help them perform successfully on standardized assessments. It also teaches them reading comprehension through the use of cool songs, fun humor, and much practice. Parents can view along with their children and understand where their child may be having difficulty." – reviewer for Teachers' Choice Award for the Family Program


"This is a unique and clever approach for grabbing the attention of students, showing them excellent test-taking strategies, leading them through an actual practice test, and giving them practice at reading for meaning. Marko's 'best tip of all' towards the end of the program may just be the key to solving one of the biggest challenges facing the education of our youth in today's overly wired world." – Robert L.


“This DVD serves as an excellent introduction to assessment tests. A friendly pencil named Marko gives "tips" to taking tests. Multiple choice tests with math word problems may be new or difficult for children who are not continually tested in this format, but Marko takes all the scariness out of the tests. Using example problems, Marko and the virtual student explain and show kids just how to read the entire question, select the information that is required to answer the question, and how to reason out the best answer by reading all the answers and selecting the one that answers the question. Marko demonstrates how to properly mark the test booklet by filling in the bubble completely. He also tells kids to erase any other marks from the paper to ensure they receive the proper credit for their answers. Marko the Pencil moves through a variety of problems that appear on most standardized tests. By the end of the show, children should feel comfortable with the formatting of standardized testing and the types of problems they will be required to solve and mark correctly within a test booklet or on an answer sheet. This DVD is recommended because it is a great way to introduce testing to children who have not previously been in a testing situation.” – Kate O'Mara Eclectic Homeschool Online



“This is a super tool for teachers to use with classes preparing for standardized tests. It covers everything students would need to know and shows good examples. Wonderful explanations of the types of math problems that children may encounter. As a Math Teacher for 12 years, I really appreciated specific aspects to this video.” - Kids First Adult Juror Comment



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    Great for young learners
    Aug 25, 2015

    Has good information on how to answer reading comprehension questions. I got this for my 1st grader and it helped him understand the concept better because it has good visual ques for the kids.

    Marie - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher

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