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Hi! I taught 2nd grade for 7 years in my hometown of in the Tongass National Forest in Juneau, Alaska. I am currently staying at home with my kids and homeschooling my preschooler. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions! -Jen

Product Reviews

4 Reviews
4 Reviews

    5 stars
    Jun 12, 2016

    I agree - If you are looking for a way to extend your Akiak or Balto lesson, this is a perfect addition!
    Plus, kids like interactive resources.

    Annie Baxterly B - Parent - Member Since May 2016
    It's a good look
    Jun 06, 2016

    I like this set. I supplement with very colorful items/graphics.

    Overall, it's a good look. :)

    Liz P - Teacher - Member Since April 2016
    Good look!
    Jun 06, 2016

    I like this set, along with the Chalkboard Decor set mentioned in this listing.

    I supplement/add very colorful items/graphics to my room.

    It's a good look. :)

    Liz P - Teacher - Member Since April 2016
    Very good
    Apr 19, 2016

    Look forward to using these next year

    Teresa M - Teacher - Member Since March 2016

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