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Sunflower Education

About Sunflower Education
Sunflower Education is run by Cindy and Dan, a married couple with kids in Austin, Texas. Cindy is a graphic designer and Dan is an editor. Together, we've created a fun variety of books. Our books have proven popular with homeschoolers and teachers alike. We are thrilled to help adults teach and kids learn about our world. Our goal is to keep kids excited and engaged in the world around them. We believe in helping children blossom!

Product Reviews

(8 Reviews)
(8 Reviews)

    Can't wait to try it out, but don't like that it's a Download.
    Oct 20, 2016

    I bought this to try out with my 7 year old son at home on our driveway. I am excited to try the idea out with him.

    My complaint is that it is it is a download, and not an actual booklet. I know it clearly says that it was a download, but because of the price I guess I assumed it would be a book shipped to me.. I didn't not realize until after I purchased it. It seems pretty pricey for a download.
    I just it in a plastic folder. I don't like that it won't be durable and look nice long-term.. I wish it had been an actual booklet that was mailed to me.

    Faith - Teacher
    Interesting and pertinent
    May 25, 2016

    We live in an area that has really high winds. I want to learn more about wind, so I'm adding this to our homeschool studies. I hadn't even thought of doing this, until I saw this resource. I'm glad I saw it!

    Elise - Homeschooler
    Isn't it ironic?
    May 24, 2016

    A fun concept to teach - although I think my teen had it down before we even started! :)

    I enjoyed this resource - I was (am) glad that it includes prose and poetry.

    Lily - Parent
    LOTS of material
    May 22, 2016

    A LOT of material here! 7 map posters, 10 fact posters and 8 activity sheets - plus it's offered at a really great price.

    Barb - Super-hero
    May 22, 2016! Perfect for school - even home use (think driveway!). I think this is an amazing product!

    Liz - Teacher

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