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Study of Art & History - 180 Day Picture Study Journal Includes 90 Notable Paintings Dated 1700-1930 - Ages 7 to 17


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Arts & Crafts

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

This colorful workbook is excellent for a wide variety of ages, and not only introduces the student to some amazing works of art, but also helps the child discover the meaning, importance, history and story behind the pictures. Based on Charlotte Mason's vision for education.

Study of Art & History - 180 Day Picture Study Journal Includes 90 Notable Paintings Dated 1700-1930 - Ages 7 to 17

Authored by Sarah Janisse Brown 

Art & History! An entire year of homeschooling goodness is packed into this beautiful full color handbook!


This book covers European and American History from a domestic perspective from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Students will learn what life was like for Americans and Europeans during these centuries.

All of the paintings are carefully chosen to be appropriate for all ages, and do not contain nudity like many other books that are used for young students. Many of the pictures are about people, animals, home life, village life, and some of the pictures are of interesting places. Some of the pictures are humorous too!


"Very lovely picture study for homeschool. The pictures are nice quality pictures. The author picked beautiful artists work. If you are new to a Charlotte mason method of homeschool I truly recommend investing in this journal for picture study, you will not be disappointed. Charlotte Mason recommended studying one artist a month, this journal does just that. It has been a true delight in our home."

"I was impressed because all the pictures are in full color.
Before studying the pictures there is some information about the artist (a few paragraphs). Each lesson is a two page spread. On one side is the full color picture and on the other are boxes of questions for the child to fill out.
I plan to have my kids write their answers to the questions in a composition notebook instead of writing in the journal."

"I have always loved the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling, but have never been able to pull off the art/artist study like I have wished. This book provides what I have always wanted my kids to study. I'm so glad I found Sarah Janisse Brown's journals and books. They've changed the way we homeschool."

"This book is really wonderful! It has a broad range of time periods, styles, and artists. There are 4 very insightful questions that basically repeat throughout the book and as you use it you will find yourself automatically answering these 4 questions as you look at any piece of art. It is a journal, though, in that your answers may change some over time and it will be really interesting to see what you or your child saw in a painting that they did not see later."

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    Great Art Study, especially for Charlotte Mason Fans.
    Dec 19, 2016

    This is a beautifully done Art study course. This course covers 15 known artist and a handful of pictures by unknown artist. Each artist has 3-6 paintings and pages to fill out called Picture Study Notes. Answer Two Questions Each day: What can you learn about the past from the picture, How does the picture make you feel, etc. This particular page does repeat through out the study, but will give depth to the paintings.


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