St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th each year. Use these fun St. Patrick's Day themed printable pages during the week before, week of, or week after the holiday.
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St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th each year. Use these fun St. Patrick's Day themed printable pages during the week before, week of, or week after the holiday.

All About the Base 10: students count base ten blocks and write the number
Color by Number: students color the leprechaun coloring page with by code using numbers 11-16
Greater than All the Gold: students use symbols () to identify the larger number
Leprechaun Treasure: students sort coins (front and back of coins)
Luck of the Ten Frames: students count the dots on ten frame sets (11-20)
Mixed Addition and Subtraction: 20 addition and subtraction problems within 10
O'Tally Marks: students count the tally marks and cut and paste the correct number
Patty's Number Bonds: students fill in the missing number from number bonds (1-10)
Pot of Gold Skip Count: students fill in the missing numbers counting by 5's
Shamrock Number Order: students fill in the missing numbers (1-20)
Shamrock Time: students look at an analog clock and write the time (to the hour)
Shape Sort: students color 2D shapes one color and 3D shapes another (20 shapes)
Spin and Add: students use a paperclip to spin two numbers and add them together
March Calendar: students fill in a blank calendar for March
Beginning Sounds: students circle the beginning letter that corresponds with a picture
Color by Digraph: students color pictures based on their beginning digraph sounds (ch, ph, sh, th, wh)
Color by Sight Word: students use the code to color the picture (have, like, can, here, my, she)
Compound Words: students cut, sort and glue pictures to make compound words (i.e. rain, bow, rainbow)
CVC Words: students spell CVC words
Ending Sounds: students cut and paste pictures to match with the letter of their ending sound
Leprechaun Tricks: students cut, sort, and paste real and nonsense CVC words
Rhyme Time: students are given four pictures and twelve words; students write the rhyming words under each picture (i.e. bed, red, fed, and wed)
Silent E Changes: students are given a CVC word and picture; students then change the word into another by adding a silent e (i.e. cub to cube)
Sorting Vowel Sounds: students will cut and paste pictures into two categories - long vowels and short vowels
St. Patrick's Day Word Search: students will search for eight themed words
A Wee Little Sentence: students will cut, order, and paste the sentence "He has a pot of gold."; students can then color the matching picture
Copy Work: students copy the riddle "What kind of bow cannot be tied?"; students then write their answer
Writing Prompt: At the end of the rainbow...
Writing Prompt: If I were a leprechaun...
Writing Prompt: On St. Patrick's Day

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