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St. Patrick's Day Game Pack


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Math, Reading

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Product Description

Includes 5 St. Patrick's Day themed games perfect for RTI instruction, small groups, whole groups, early finishers or center activities! My kiddos always love these games!

Includes 5 St. Patrick's Day themed games perfect for RTI instruction, small groups, whole groups, early finishers or center activities! My kiddos always love these games!


Race to the Gold - Help the leprechaun find the pot of gold! Choose a card from the pile. If you can read it correctly, roll the die and move forward that many spaces. If you cannot, stay on your space. The first person to reach the pot of gold wins! **Includes a recording sheet, Dolch Lists 1-4, color and number words, and an editable page. Add your own words, numbers, addition or subtraction problems, or whatever you choose!

Catch the Leprehaun - Place all the word cards, either CVC or CVCe, inside a pocket chart and hide the leprechaun behind one card. To play, choose a word and stretch it out. If you can read it correctly, look behind the shamrock to find the leprechaun. Write down the words that you look behind in the correct column. The first person to find the leprechaun wins! **Includes both CVC and CVCe cards, plus an editable page!

Shamrock! - Play the game with any of the above sight word, CVC or CVCe word cards, or use the editable pages to create your own game cards! To play, place the cards upside down in a pile or inside a cup. I like to use a frosting container. The first player chooses a card and reads the word. If he/she reads the word correctly, he/she may keep the card. If not, he/she places the card back inside the cup and passes the cup to the next person. Play continues until you say stop. Players count their cards, and the person with the most cards wins. For added fun, use the Luck o' the Irish, Happy St. Patrick's Day, and Shamrock cards! **Also included in my "Luck o' the Irish" packet.


Fill Your Pot with Gold (ten frames, adding, subtracting) - Roll the number and operation die. If you roll a +, add that many “gold pieces” (pennies, yellow linking cubes, gold scatter, etc.) to your pot. If you roll a -, take that many “gold pieces” away from your pot. The first person to fill their pot with gold wins!

St. Patrick's Day Bump (adding) - Roll 2 dice, add them together and place your cube on that sum. If another player's cube is on that number, you can BUMP it off. If your own cube is on that number you can attach your two cubes together and “freeze” that spot/number. It now counts as yours! Continue play until all the numbers have been “frozen.” Count the number of shamrocks each player has frozen. The player with the most shamrocks wins! **Also included in my "Luck o' the Irish" packet.

If you enjoy this pack, please check out "Luck o' the Irish" for more St. Patrick's Day fun!

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