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Spring Addition and Subtraction Task Cards

Resource Ranch


  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Subjects: Math
  • Product Type: N/A
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Use these spring/summer themed task cards to integrate movement into math facts practice to make it more engaging or use them in a stationary center. Add the room has two 12 cards sets; Subtract the room has one 24 card set.

Add the Room is a fun and interactive way to get your students moving around the classroom while practicing addition skills. After placing the cards around the room, send your students off with a clipboard and recording sheet. Students find the sum of each addition sentence and write their answer on the recording sheet.

There are two separate sets of 12 full color cards with one addition sentence on each. In the first 12 students are adding the dots on the flowers. In the second 12 there are numerals on the flowers to add. A key has also been provided for each set.

Subtract the Room
This is a great resource if you're looking for ways to engage your students and/or provide movement in your instruction. There are lots of ways this resource could be used but it was designed for use as a center during guided math groups. Task cards are placed around the room and students given recording sheets. I suggest spreading students out but be sure to remind them that they are not all starting at "A" on their recording sheets.

There are 24 task cards so depending on the level of your students and time allotted, this may be something they do over the course of 2-4 days. This also could be used as a Scoot Game or stationary center.


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