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SOS 5-Subject Curriculum Set
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Alpha Omega Publications
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Switched-On Schoolhouse is a comprehensive, complete, and customizable homeschool curriculum based around the Christian faith. Switched On Schoolhouse features a computer-based multimedia homeschooling experience, perfect for students grade 3-12. Not only is the program up to date technologically, but it is also highly customizable for any educational need. The best-selling sos curriculum is complete, comprehensive and perfect for any homeschooler.


The Switched-On Schoolhouse 5-Subject Set from Alpha Omega Publications is unlike any homeschooling kit on the market. It combines a faith-based curriculum, multimedia learning, and a highly customizable lesson plan to give your child the learning that they need to be set up for success. No longer do you have to waste your day with crafting a lesson plan, as Switched-On Schoolhouse offers a complete learning experience. You don’t even need to worry about grading, as the videos, animated clips, interactive timelines and learning games your child would be completing provide instant grading and helpful feedback. Switched-On Schoolhouse features comprehensive teaching in the fields of History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, Science, and the Bible.

The program doesn’t just offer a comprehensive learning experience but is also highly customizable for your needs. Included in the package is automated lesson planning and grading, customizable record-keeping options, and flexible curriculum options that can be adjusted to any child’s needs. The sos curriculum is the perfect way to set your child up for success. Similar to ABeka Curriculum. 

Who is it for?

  • Homeschoolers
  • 3rd-12th Grade Students



  • Bible - Bible 300 will have students learning about several important religious topics. Topics covered include Christian living, the lives of Jesus and Joseph, Bible study methods, Bible archeology, friendship, and Christian service. Five content standards are covered in these areas: biblical literature, biblical background, Christian growth, Christian evidence, and friendship.
  • History & Geography - History 300 is a course designed to give the student an overview of the United States. They will learn map terminology such as latitude, longitude, and the compass rose.
  • Language Arts - Language 300 develops communication in four major areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. For reading, students are introduced to basic reading skills such as identifying main ideas, understanding sentence structure, writing in paragraphs and using dictionaries.
  • Math - Math 300 focuses on number skills and numerical literacy. The course also integrates geometric and statistical concepts. By the end of the course, some of the skills that children will be able to demonstrate include knowing basic multiplication facts, understanding basic probability, and knowledge of measurement concepts, including time and temperature.
  • Science - Science 300 is a basic elementary course designed to show patterns in the universe. Topics included in these lessons include the human body, plants, animals, matter, and heat energy. The units contain fun experiments that will help your already curious child.




  • Bible - Bible 400 provides a study of the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. Topics include the lives of Peter and Paul, the existence of God, Bible study methods, Psalm 23, Old Testament geography, and Christian witnessing.
  • History & Geography - History and Geography 400 further develops a student’s understanding and appreciation of the record of man and his relationships. World Geography is the focus of these lessons, and students should be able to showcase a knowledge of cultural and geographic differences between various biomes and countries. The history of famous explorers including Prince Henry, Christopher Columbus, and Ferdinand Magellan.
  • Language Arts - Language Arts 400 focuses on the development of communication skills in the same four areas. Specific skills students will include subject-verb agreement, ability to identify the basic elements of a narrative, four-line poetry and showing familiarity of roots and affixes.
  • Math - Math 400 features lessons designed to give students experience with number theory and operations, including decimals and fractions. Additional skills that will be taught are performing all four operations on whole numbers, adding and subtracting fractions and decimals, and calculating perimeters and areas of regular plane shapes.
  • Science - Science 400 continues the topics introduced in Science 300. The lessons included teaching children how to describe different uses for plants, discuss the differences between the ways animals act and understand how people are responsible for conserving nature.




  • Bible - Bible 500 focuses on biographies of faithful people, angels, the presence of God, Bible study methods, the Christian’s relationships, and Paul’s missionary journeys. The five areas of content covered are theology, the attributes of God, biblical literature, biblical background, and Christian evidence.
  • History & Geography - History & Geography 500 continues to expound on geography and focuses in on American history. The course covers early exploration through reconstruction, emphasizing the inventions and technologies of 19th and 20th century America. The geography lessons focus on the geography of the Americas, specifically Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  • Language Arts - Language Arts 500 continues to develop the four basic tenets of the English language. Students will begin to develop advanced writing skills, derive implied meanings in texts, identify parts of speech, and read excerpts of literature including Beowulf, Call it Courage, and Gulliver’s Travels.
  • Math - Math 500 focuses on number skills, numerical literacy, and geometric concepts. Skills taught in the lessons include addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators, understanding place value of decimal numbers, and representing and interpreting data on line plots, stem-and-leaf plots, line graphs, and bar graphs
  • Science - Science 500 includes the study of cells, plants and animals, ecology, energy, geology, properties of matter, and the natural cycles of life. The lessons provided will help students develop and build on their subject-matter knowledge base.




  • Bible - Bible 600 focuses briefly on Old and New Testaments, but focuses on the key people, places, and events from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. Students will become more familiar with these key people and the history of Israel.
  • History & Geography - History and Geography 600 begins to teach world history. These lessons focus on Western Europe and teach the two world wars.
  • Language Arts - Language Arts 600 builds on reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Some areas of focus include analyzing propaganda, determining an author’s authority, writing short stories and the introduction of biblical literature.
  • Math - Math 600 is a course that focuses on number skills and numerical literacy. Students will learn elementary algebra, number theory, the order of operations, and plotting points on a grid.
  • Science - Science 600 continues teaching children about God’s physical universe. The units contain experiments and projects focused on understanding interrelationships between organisms, recognizing patterns in ecosystems, and becoming aware of the cellular dimensions of living systems.




  • Bible - Bible 700 focuses on Christ. It teaches his prophecies, his life from pre-existence to birth, and his resurrection. Additional lessons include the Book of Psalms, a balanced Christian life, and the design and practice of Christian worship.
  • History & Geography - History & Geography 700 focuses on the United States, and primarily teaches about the differences in the U.S. regions, understanding anthropology and sociology in the United States, and the structure and functions of the American government and economics at the state level.
  • Language Arts - Language Arts 700 features several lessons each strengthening a child’s core language capabilities. Lessons include teaching students to reach logical conclusions, adverbs, and verb types, and further develops spelling skills.
  • Math - Math 700 is designed to prepare junior high students for Pre-algebra. The course teaches the “big picture” of mathematics, as well as teaching how numeric, algebraic, and geometric concepts are woven together to build a foundation for higher mathematical thinking.
  • Science - General Science I transitions students into more advanced scientific ideas. Students will learn how to use their main senses for observation of the world around them, calculate and convert units in the metric system, and discuss historical and current views on astronomy.




  • Bible - Bible 800 focuses on prayer, salvation, the attributes of God, the book of Proverbs and interpersonal relationships. Lessons include understanding the nature of prayer, learning the relationship of sin and salvation and describing the deterioration of the church in the middle ages.
  • History & Geography - History & Geography 800 teaches American history, focusing on an early exploration through the present day with special emphasis given to the Civil War and technology in the 19th and early 20th century.
  • Language Arts - Language Arts 800 prepares students for high school English learning. Skills that will be taught include hands-on experience with conjunctions, transitions, clauses and common sense errors, as well as delivering oral reports and listening comprehension skills.
  • Math - Pre-algebra is a lesson plan devised to prepare students for Algebra 1. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand better how math is a life skill, understand how math is like a language, and use algebraic thinking to solve real-world problems.
  • Science - General Science II is a basic, intermediate course further educating students on the topics of General Science I. Students will be able to reinforce previous points including the history of science, health, nutrition, and types of energy.




  • Bible - New Testament Survey provides a developmental and in-depth academic study of the teachings of the New Testament from the Intertestamental period. The course targets four major strands: theology, biblical literature, biblical background, and Christian growth.
  • History & Geography - World Geography teaches the physical and human geography around the world. Students will be able to compare places based upon their similarities and differences, identify geographic factors that influence historic events, define the key geographic concerns facing the world, and more.
  • Language Arts - English I teaches the core communication skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening at a higher level. Students will practice writing speeches, short essays, poetry, business letters and more.
  • Math - Algebra I follows up on Pre-Algebra, teaching students basic algebraic fundamentals such as evaluating, creating, solving and graphing linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions.
  • Science - Integrated Physics and Chemistry is a physical science course designed for high school students who require an introduction to these two life sciences. Areas that will be studied include matter, motion and forces, work and energy, electricity and magnetism, and waves.




  • Bible - Old Testament Survey provides a study of the teachings of the Old Testament, from Genesis to the restoration of Israel. Students will learn topics including Malachi, the fall of the kingdoms of Judah and the history of Israel.
  • History & Geography - World History focuses on Western Europe, specifically ancient civilizations to the end of the 20th century, highlighting early Christianity and the two World Wars.
  • Language Arts - English II teaches several advanced language arts skills, including the teaching of language history and etymology, literary critiques, research skills including the Internet, and public speaking skills.
  • Math - Geometry is a full year high school math course for students who have completed Algebra I. Students will be able to solve for sides of triangles, understand trigonometric ratios, determine arcs and make geometric constructions on paper.
  • Science - Biology is a course designed to expose students to the designs and patterns of living organisms created by God. Students will be able to study microscopic organisms, describe the functions of a cell, discuss the parts of a plant and more.




  • Bible - Bible Doctrine provides an in-depth study of the teachings of the Old and New Testaments, focusing on faithfulness to God, the doctrine of Christ, the nation of Israel, the history and integrity of the Bible and more,
  • History & Geography - American History continues to teach students about the United States. The course covers early exploration to present day with a focus on the politics of the 18th and 19th centuries and the Civil War.
  • Language Arts - English III builds on the sequential development of communication skills. Students will read from classics including Our Town and To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as other excerpts.
  • Math - Algebra II is the follow up to 9th grade Algebra I, and is designed to teach advanced algebraic skills and prepare students for Pre-calculus. Students will be able to solve systems of equations at a high level.
  • Science - Chemistry develops an understanding of the microstructure of substances and teaches the symbolic and mathematical world of formulas, equations and symbols. The major concepts covered are measurement, atomic structure, chemical bonding and more.




  • Bible - Christian Faith and Living applies what students have learned in their studies of the Old and New Testaments. The course focuses on personal Christian ministry and helps identify the unique identity of what being a Christian means.
  • History & Geography - Government and Economics focuses on the American government and personal finance. The course targets three major content strands: History, Government, and Citizenship, and Economics.
  • Language Arts - English IV finalizes the development of communication skills at a high school level. Students will read Shakespeare's Hamlet, Paradise Lost, Beowulf, The Pilgrim’s Progress and more selections.
  • Math - Pre-Calculus is a full-year high school credit course that teaches analytic geometry and trigonometry while enforcing relationships of functions, probability, number theory, limits, and derivatives.
  • Science - Physics teaches a basic understanding of the rules of how the universe works. Students will be able to describe how sound and light waves act and react, differentiate between static and current electricity and describe each one, know the relationship between magnetism and electricity, and have a general understanding of atomic theory, including fusion and fission.


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Ask The Seller
Can this be used for several children at the same time?
Asked by a Homeschooler on September 1st, 2016 (Edited)

This is designed to be used with up to 5 students at one time.

Answered by Alpha Omega Publications on September 19th, 2016 (Edited)

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  • Very happy
    May 08, 2016

    I recommend Switched on Schoolhouse (ANY grade) to ANY homeschooler that wants to teach from a Christian perspective. We've been using it with all our children and are very happy with it.

    Annie Baxterly B - Parent - Member Since May 2016

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Alpha Omega Publications is a Christian publishing company that proudly provides academically rigorous, Christian curriculum for students in preschool through 12th grade. With print-based, computer-based, and online formats, our Bible-based curriculum includes Monarch, Ignitia, Switched-On Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, Horizons, and The Weaver Curriculum. We also offer an accredited online education through Alpha Omega Academy.

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