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As a cutting-edge education services company, SmartlyU offers print and web-based social and emotional learning programs for elementary and middle school children. The SmartlyU SEL programs build self-confidence, resilience, communication, and leadership skills with developmentally appropriate content. Our students are provided with opportunities to develop, showcase, and incorporate their strengths, skills, and knowledge into every aspect of their life. The SmartlyU programs continue to transform thousands of children nationally. For more information, visit

SmartlyU Testimonials: SmartlyU is the technological support for SEL that we've been looking for. It gives both parents and teachers the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with children around topics that are relevant to them. It can be both an excellent discussion starter for teachers as well as a tool for reinforcing social skills. - Bill Overton, Principal I'm so glad I became aware of this program! Our entire district is using SmartlyU. Our students are able to talk through real life examples and discuss best practices in dealing with those scenarios if they ever happen to them. - Julie Jobak, Middle School Child Counselor I use SmartlyU in my “buddy class” consisting of 2nd graders and 4th graders. We discuss social and emotional issues that come up using the activities from within SmartlyU. My students really enjoy the SmartlyU format and I find with SmartlyU my students are building an emotional vocabulary essential to Social and Emotional Learning. - Lu Sun, Elementary School Teacher A huge benefit to having access to SmartlyU is that when something needs to be addressed, I can find a scenario to use with my class and address a need immediately. The interface is easy to use and I can find what I need without stressing myself out and getting right to dealing with the matter at hand. - Pam Lobner. Elementary School Teacher


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