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  • Grades: 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade
  • Subjects: Reading, Writing
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Product Description

This 35-week course will allow your student to prepare for higher learning while learning how to better his/her writing, reading, and public speaking skills. 

This 35-week course will allow your high school child to understand diverse writings from Shakespeare, Lewis Carrol and more! It will help your student to develop their public speaking, writing, and reading skills along the way. 

Who is it for?

High school students (ages 14-18) and homeschooling families


What is included?

This is a dialectic and logic level course that prepares students for later academic pursuits. Skills for Literary Analysis written by James P. Stobagh is a 35-week course which presents diverse writings from Shakespeare to Jack London, Lewis Carrol to Longfellow, and Sir Walter Scott to C.S. Lewis. Students are taught to analyze key elements of literature such as allegory narrative, satire, plot, setting, and more.


Why buy?

  • Equips high school students to analyze classic literary genres, discern author's worldviews, and apply biblical standards.

  • Helps build vocabulary by using new words in every speech and essay.

  • Gain in-depth instruction in the subjects of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

  • Learn to convey important ideas in both writing and speech in this easy-to-follow, daily format.


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    A great foundation!
    Apr 20, 2016

    As a homeschooler, I used Dr. James Stobaugh's Skills for Literary Analysis in eighth grade. This text reviewed setting, character, plot, theme, and many more critical elements of literature. The textbook's format discussed one literary element per lesson. In each lesson, there were several essay opportunities, centered on the piece of literature chosen for that lesson. In one lesson, the piece was The Call of the Wild with the element being the setting. As I was reading the novel, I knew my essay would be about the setting, so I made an effort to focus on that particular literary component. By the end of the school year, I was better prepared for high school English classes, such as British and American Literature, because Skills for Literary Analysis had provided me with a solid foundation to critically analyze and more fully enjoy classic literature.


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