SENSORY FOOT FIDGET (Black Band / Neon Balls) - Helping Fidgety Learners Focus!!

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This Foot Fidget will help your Fidgety Learner stay focused longer whether at School, the Dinner Table or anywhere where you need to sit for extended periods of time! A foot fidget can provide children a quiet, non-disruptive way to keep their feet moving while their eyes, ears, and hands stay focused. This specific foot fidget provides pressure to the feet in addition to lateral movement of the legs. It is effective and affordable. It can be used in school, at home, at a restaurant, or any place that requires the attention and focus of a youngster. As an Occupational Therapist at two elementary schools in the Orange County area, I can attest to the instant satisfaction my students, their teachers, and their parents find in these sensory foot fidgets. If you have a child who cannot sit still, try out my fun, easily attachable and detachable foot fidget!
This Foot Fidget is designed to fit between the chair legs of a standard chair.

Color of this foot fidget is Black Band with Neon Balls


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Hi! I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) in Orange County, California. I currently work as a school based OT with kids ranging from 3 to 18 years of age. The kiddos I work with suffer from a range of disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD. No matter the severity of the disability, the majority of these kiddos have a difficult time processing sensory information. Sensory processing difficulties can make little kiddos feel like they are crawling out of their own skin. I came up with "Sensation Me Crazy" as a way to provide parents of children with sensory processing difficulties effective and affordable strategies for the home environment. Follow me on Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram under "Sensation Me Crazy" for updates and information on how to purchase sensory strategies for your child.

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