Self-Checking Common Core Task Cards for 4th Grade - 4.NBT.A.1 - Degrees of 10


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Product Description

Are you looking for a way to incorporate differentiation strategies in your classroom? Check out this set of 48 self-checking task cards, aligned to CCSS 4.NBT.A.1.

Students will improve their place value understanding by practicing the skills included in this set.

These cards come in three sizes: 4 to a page, 6 to a page, and 9 to a page. Choose the size(s) that work best for your classroom!

How to use these cards:

-as task cards in learning stations.
-for test prep or review.
-print and cut apart for students to use in math journals.
-with various whole class Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, such as Quiz-Quiz-Trade, Fan n Pick, or Inside-Outside Circle.
-with various partner Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, such as Rally Coach or Sage n Scribe.


-Struggling students can take cards home for extra practice.
-Advanced third grade students can use them for enrichment.
-Fifth grade students can use them for review.

Creating cards:

-These cards are designed to be printed in full color, but also look terrific in grey scale, printed on white or colorful cardstock.
-Cut lines have been provided to simplify assembly.
-Choose the size(s) you would like to print. 
*The 4-up version is great for projecting for your whole class.
*The 4- and 6-up versions are great for using in class as task cards or with Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. Choose the size that works best for your students.
*The 9-up version is great for an answer key, to print out and cut apart for math journals, or to send home with students for extra practice.
-Decide if you want to coach students to cover the bottom right-hand corner with a thumb while practicing (this is how we do it in my classroom), or you can fold the bottom or right-hand side of the card behind and tape or glue it down.
-If you plan to use your cards more than once, print them on card stock and laminate.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests for future products, please email me: love_learn_teach@yahoo.com .

Please leave feedback. I use these cards often in my classroom, especially in math, and would be happy to create and upload more.

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