See-N-Read® MemoryMark™ Reading Tools, 3-pack, cut out window, Document size


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 8th Grade, 10th Grade, College+

  • Subjects: Reading, Special Needs

  • Product Type: Other

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Product Description

See-N–Read® Reading Tools reduce word and line skipping and help users smoothly track left to right when reading. Research-based reading strips aid eye control and reduce pattern glare (words seem to move on the page) without blocking context, allowing ‘sweeping’ and ‘chunking’, and improving fluency and comprehension. MemoryMark™ has all of the benefits of the See-N-Read® Reading Tool…PLUS…the clear reading window is cut out to enable readers to write notes, underline and highlight key points while keeping the place on the page. MemoryMark™ Document size (8.5 x 3 inch), 3-pack


Effective readers develop the skills of underlining, highlighting and note-taking to emphasize important passages of text and improve retention of information. The process of applying these important skills adds complexity to a reading process that is already difficult for struggling (or fatigued) readers who tend to lose their place on the page. 

The See-N-Read® MemoryMark™ Reading Tool with cut out window enables highlighting of key passages and allows re-reading without moving the tool off of the chosen line of text so that readers keep their reference point and can resume reading at the proper place.

Teacher feedback: MemoryMark™ helps writers maintain proper horizontal position and spacing when doing:

  • Workbooks
  • Standardized Tests
  • Math Worksheets
  • Grade books
  • Printed documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • College textbooks
  • Legal/Technical briefs

"Document" size (8.5 x 3 inch) 3-pack    Also available in "Book" size (5.5 x 3 inch)


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See-N-Read® Learning Tools

See-N-Read® Learning Tools provide practical and affordable support for learners. These tools are designed based on research and classroom-tested approaches to content area literacy and learning. Each product provides proven and easy to use intervention methods that work to improve moderate to severe reading, thinking, learning and study skills deficiencies for all ages.

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