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Scientific Explorer Spa Science


  • Grades: 4th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade

  • Subjects: Math, Science, STEM

  • Product Type: Book, Kit, Toy

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Product Description

Whip your bath into a frothy fizzing sea of color and fragrance. Make colorful, fragrant bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotion, bath balm, a face mask, and shampoo. This kit turns your bathtub into a real science lab!
Turn your bath tub into a science lab!

Fragrant bath gels, aromatherapy oils, bath fizzers, spa lotions, face masks, oatmeal soap, shampoo, and more - You might not think it, but all of these things are made through science.

And with this brilliant science kit, you get to learn how!

Mix fragrant potions. Blend natural and organic ingredients. Explore the science of gels, fragrance, and fizzers.

Even invent your own product line!

Learn about chemical reactions and why they happen. Discover how scents affect our alertness, moods, and memories.

Comparing the responses of siblings, parents, and friends lets you share the fun with the entire family while experiencing the facts way more vividly than if you had read them in a book!

And SHHHH! - Don't tell the boys that this is just for girls - They'll really want to explore this kit too!

Perfect for science fairs, birthdays, and family fun, this kit will help girls AND boys to think like real scientists while they're splashing in the tub.

It's pure mental and physical indulgence!

Whip your bath into a frothy fizzing sea of colorful, fragrant LEARNING with the Scientific Explorer Spa Science kit.

Scientific Explorer Spa Science
  • Science kit for making fun Spa products
  • Encourages following instructions, investigation, an interest in science
  • Turn your bathtub into a real science lab to make fun products you can use!
  • Make fragrant bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotion, bath balm, face mask, shampoo
  • Mix colors and fragrances to create your own product line with secret mixtures
  • Explore the science of gels, fragrance, fizzers
  • Discover how scents affect alertness, moods, memories
  • Compare responses of siblings, parents, and friends for a shared learning experience
  • Perfect for science fairs, birthday parties, family fun - Fun for boys too!
  • Includes lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, dried roses, glycerin soap bar, sea salt, citric acid, baking soda, oats, muslin bag, 2 pipettes, 2 plastic cups
  • Detailed instruction booklet included
  • High quality materials for exceptional Spa Science experience

    Experiments require some supplies from home: Water, mixing bowl, optional dried herbs, food coloring, mixing spoon, hand chopper or food processor, microwavable bowl or small sauce pan, microwave or stove-top, air tight jar, teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of yogurt, ripe banana, 1/4 cup of ground almonds or corn meal, foot-sized plastic bags, warm towels, honey, 2 ripe or thawed strawberries, fork, brown sugar and cotton swabs.
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      A rating of Scientific Explorer Spa Science
      Feb 14, 2017

      just gave it as a gift and she has not used it yet. will let you know

      Steve M - Homeschooler
      Review of Scientific Explorer Spa Science
      Jan 06, 2017

      My daughter loved this.

      Lauren B - Homeschooler
      A rating of Scientific Explorer Spa Science
      Jan 03, 2017

      This product has been a lot of fun for my 10 year old daughter and her friends. The instructions have been easy enough for her to do on her own and most things we have had right in our own kitchen. It uses all natural ingredients such as oats, honey yogart, sea salts etc. Now she can stop using our shampoos and lotions for her "experiments". I think this would be a fun project for a birthday party too. Just get some little bottles and print up a label that they could customize for themselves. We did the face masks and they worked really well! I have been very happy with this product!

      A rating of Scientific Explorer Spa Science
      Jan 03, 2017

      Plays most of the time in the bath but does need supervision on some projects. Although this hinders her somewhat, she absolutely loves it!

      Awesome unique gift for aspiring scientist divas!
      Nov 28, 2016

      This was a great gift for a kiddy spa day that includes science!

      Jesse C

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