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Educents is the trusted resource for science lessons and tools. You will find a variety of educational resources that will make your science study meaningful and engaging. We have everything from grade level digital textbooks to interactive notebook packets. Don’t forget the wide variety of hands-on experiments that help students gain a true understanding of science concepts. Whether you are learning about the five senses or high school biology we have quality resources that will help you bring your science instruction to life.

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The study of science, like none other, really helps us understand the world around us, how it functions and how we interact with it. Starting at a very young age, we begin teaching children about scientific principles – hot and cold, light and dark, names of animals, and so on. As our children grow we build on these basic concepts and expand on the three types of sciences. In the physical sciences we study chemistry and physics as we learn about things like energy, force and motion and the chemical make-up of everyday items. In earth science we learn about things like weather, geology, and astronomy and gain a better understanding of Earth and space. In life science we study biology, physiology and anatomy, genetics and more that allow us to appreciate the complex world of living things. Having a well-rounded science curriculum that develops knowledge and understanding in each of these types of science is important.

Science does not have to be taught using textbooks. In fact, research has shown that students gain a better understanding of scientific principles by doing. This is why hands-on science experiments are important to a quality science education. In addition to hands-on activities, the thinking skills developed by the use of the scientific method will benefit children long after their school years. Educents has a variety of science resources that will help you not only teach the science content but also provide your learners with great hands-on experiments and resources to guide them through the thinking process. Don’t forget the notebooking resources that allow your learners to document their observations, thoughts, and knowledge.

Not sure where to begin? How about a science mini-unit on magnets or snowflakes. Looking for an all inclusive resource? We have those too! You can get science kits mailed directly to you that include everything you need to complete a variety of science experiments. Want an organized plan that covers everything you need for an entire year? We also have full grade level science curriculums. At Educents you can discover innovative science products and ideas from a community of experts in education.


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