Science & Social Studies Informational {Nonfiction} Trifold Book Study Bundle

The Third Wheel Teacher


  • Grades: All
  • Subjects: Science, Social Studies
  • Product Type: Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Get 50% off this set of foldable informational book studies! Perfect for practicing nonfiction reading comprehension skills or combining research with reading book clubs. With topics ranging from animals to science and social studies, there is something to engage even the most reluctant reader.

These no prep, foldable informational book studies use the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker series to help beginning researchers think critically and analyze text to build strong reading comprehension skills. This mega bundle is aligned with Common Core Standards and TEKS to build essential reading comprehension in a book club format that can be done with your whole class, in small groups, or as an individual book study. 

Each trifold is designed to be a one week informational book study, your students will be deeply engaged in understanding key science and social studies topics with each day's purposefully matched activity. Use them one at a time or use all 6 simultaneously making organizing book clubs a snap!

Product Contents: 
 Informational Book Club Bundle {Social Studies}
 Informational Book Club Bundle {Animals}
 Informational Book Club Bundle {Science}
• Plus 4 Bonus Trifolds: Leonardo da Vinci, Pirates, Ghosts, and Life in the 1800's

Skills & Topics Covered:
• Main idea
• inferences
• fact and opinion
• compare and contrast
• nonfiction text features
• and more!


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The Third Wheel Teacher
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My name is Rebecca, and I am the busy teacher-momma behind The Third Wheel. With a four year old and two year old at home, my hands are full trying to maintain a balance between all those things I have to get done for work and all the things I want and need to do to keep things running smoothly at home.


Education is my passion, and I love being a student and a teacher. After getting my third masters degree, I am taking a little break from my own formal education. However, I still try to learn something new each day, just like I ask my students to do.

One of the biggest things I always try to think about how I can make the learning stick through engaging activities that don't require a ton of prep work or supplies. My passion is to help teachers and home school families make preparing fun, engaging learning opportunities easier so they can spend more time focused on the rest of what life has to offer. 


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