Non-Fiction Common Core Read-and-Write Activities: Spring Bundle


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

  • Subjects: Foreign Languages, Social Studies

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

12 differentiated reading and writing activities appropriate for March, April, and May. Each reading is presented at three levels, and each writing is presented at three levels. Aligned with Common Core.

Research shows that both reading and writing instruction are most effective when they are connected. This packet of activities all about topics appropriate for Spring months is an effective way to connect reading to writing in your classroom. These activities are aligned with Common Core reading and writing standards and WIDA ELD standards for English language learners.

Included are 12 differentiated reading activities that connect reading to writing with post-reading writing activities. The differentiation provides accessibility for a variety of students. Each topic includes three leveled readings at lexile levels (basic, on grade level, advanced) appropriate for grades 3-5, and three leveled activities to match the readings. Each reading on a topic contains the same information, but the language varies slightly to achieve easier or more difficult readability.

Each page is marked with the CCSS standard it satisfies and a discreet symbol that tells the teacher the level of the reading or activity. This set is excellent for diverse classrooms or social studies classrooms.

Reading topics:
-Amerigo Vespucci
-The Alamo
-Albert Einstein
-St. Patrick's Day
-The Pony Express
-American Civil War
-Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
-Amelia Earhart
-Brown V. Topeka Board of Education
-Lewis and Clark

Reading/Writing skills include:
-Text Structure
-Main Ideas and Details
-Fact and Opinion
-Comparing and Contrasting
-Sequence of events
-Supporing reasons with Evidence
-Context Clues
-Cause and effect
-Text Features

The nature of this packet allows for it to be used for differentiated whole group instruction, reading groups, or literacy centers.

Any claims of correlation or alignment to the CCSS or the WIDA ELP Standards are solely those of Tools for Teachers by Laurah J. and have not been evaluated by the NGA or WIDA.


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