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MathCraft and WriteCraft Units


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Math, Reading

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Teach math and writing with kids' favorite game!

Children everywhere love Minecraft®. These downloadable lessons are sure to capture their attention and keep them engaged.

If your kids like Minecraft®, don't miss LearnToMod, which teaches children computer coding by "modding" Minecraft!

Who is it for?

Homeschoolers, ages 8 to 12, but it can be modified for use with older and younger students.

Teachers of students in grades 3 to 7


Why buy?

Kids everywhere love Minecraft®, which makes it the perfect vehicle for teaching a wide variety of topics.

You'll be surprised at how motivated and excited your children will be about learning math and writing!


What is included?


WriteCraft® Unit

This WriteCraft unit uses Minecraft-related topics as a motivation for writing. It includes 10 writing prompts which cover a variety of genres, and each prompt comes with some instruction and a pre-writing activity.  Also included are some Minecraft-themed notebooking pages and a collection of online resources for writing.

Includes 27 pages of writing prompts, pre-writing activities, notebooking pages, and online resources.


Minecraft® Perimeter Unit

This MathCraft unit uses Minecraft in 13 pages to teach perimeter and area. It includes information for parents and teachers, lessons in both perimeter and area, guided practice, independent practice, and the opportunity to build in Minecraft and use what was built to demonstrate knowledge of perimeter and area. An answer key is also provided. MathCraft is intended for children between the ages of 8 and 12, but it can be modified for use with older and younger students.


Minecraft® Geometry Unit

This elementary mathematics unit incorporates activities and images to engage your child in the study of geometry. Colorful original graphics add interest that makes it easy to learn the basics of different types of basic angles. Applications to the popular video game Minecraft™ are included to extend learning beyond the unit. In addition, tasks are assigned to use real world objects to practice their new skills and demonstrate mastery. A parent instruction sheet and an answer sheet are included for parent/teacher use. (8 pages counting cover, appropriate for ages 8-12)

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    Makes school fun again!
    Apr 07, 2017

    I always try to find themed materials that are related to the things my kids enjoy. Excellent resource for making learning fun! Thanks!

    Elizabeth C - Homeschooler, Parent
    Perfect for Minecraft Lovers
    Feb 27, 2016

    I'm very excited to use this to supplement our math and writing curriculum for my boys. They'll be so excited that it's Minecraft they won't even realize they're learning.

    Amy - Homeschooler
    May 06, 2015

    I downloaded this the other day and found many great uses!

    SL - Parent

About the Seller

(8 Reviews)

Hi! I'm Veronica from Time for Home School. I was a teacher for years and then a school administrator.  Now I'm a writer and a homeschooling mom. I also tutor other children. 

I love learning! I always have. The curriculum units I write are designed to help children love learning, too.

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