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TruthQuest History

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(7 Reviews)

Truthquest History
Oct 23, 2016

I have been homeschooling since 1996 and have been teaching HIStory using Truthquest since 2006. After exploring several literature-based HIStory curricula, finding Truthquest was such a blessing to our family. The booklist is only a part of the curriculum. The commentary that shows the thread of God's hand working through HIStory brings insight to how our lives are a significant part of His plan. We enjoy reading the living books. Thank you, Michelle for writing and sharing your heart through Truthquest.

Cheryl - Homeschooler
Wonderful resource for literature based history program
Oct 22, 2016

I'm a homeschooling mom with 6 years under my belt. I floundered around the curriculum world for several years before stumbling upon Truthquest (TQ). When I found TQ, a weight was lifted off my shoulders and teaching my children history became something we greatly enjoyed and actually looked forward to. This is our third school year using TQ and I'm so thankful for this resource. There isn't a schedule to follow, instead you go at your own pace and read books on each topic, taking as much time as you see fit. Each TQ guide is brimming with suggested books and commentary to help you move through history in a chronological order. There are no dry textbooks to be had, instead you and your children will dive into history and live with the characters in each book you read. My kids remember so much about history now that they "live" with the characters through reading each book we choose. We want to savor the books because when they end, it's often like saying good-bye to an old friend.

Great alternative to textbook history
Oct 22, 2016

My kids have always disliked history because history textbooks tend to be dry and boring. Using Truthquest, we were able to get a great list of living books to learn history from, and it's so much more engaging than reading a textbook. I love the commentary from the author, who presents each event or era in light of a Christian worldview. It gives a great basis for looking at culture from God's perspective. We pick books from the book list (you don't need to read every book, but it's great to have a list, often with comments about the book alongside, to get an idea of what books cover that time period or event or person. The lists are huge, so you only need 1-2 per time period), but even if our library doesn't have the exact books, I love the guides for just the commentary itself. We've done American History for Young Students I and II, and I feel like my kids have a much more personal connection to history after going through Truthquest, rather than a list of dates, names and event which often comes with learning history using traditional methods. I have to say, TQ does require more planning on the teacher's (parent's) part, to get the books, and schedule when to read them, so it really depends on the family whether this will work for them. For me, I enjoy the planning, and I feel like I'm learning history along the way myself.

Not worth it.
Oct 22, 2016

This book in theory seems good, but the reality is that it is nothing but a list of about a million other books you can read to learn about history. I spent about 5 minutes reading the introduction and flipping through the book, then threw it in the trash. It was not even worth trying to resell. I wouldn't want anyone else to spend their money on something that is not particularly useful. I can't believe I wasted my money on this.

Barbara - Homeschooler, Parent, Super-hero
Nikki - May I help answer questions in your review?
Aug 28, 2016

Greetings, Nikki! As the author of TruthQuest History, perhaps I can be of service. We do realize that TQH is very different from most curricula in its structure, so it can definitely be hard to gauge at first. First, let me say that we always want families to find whatever learning tool He has had prepared for them, whether or not it is TQH. Secondly, the commentary which introduces each topic in TQH is intentionally brief because we are trying to subtly point young children (in the guide which you chose, I believe) to the most foundational worldview concepts which they can grasp at their early age. We don't want to "download" all at once, but rather hint at things for them to watch as they explore the people and events. Incrementally, they will be guided to rich discoveries of the basic spiritual truths. It is so exciting to watch! It often occurs several months into the study before the main lightbulb goes off, and they have internalized and synthesized the deepest truths being revealed in that TQH guide. With that in mind, the TQH commentary also does not dispense the history lesson directly, as a textbook might, but instead points families to many choices in the yummiest of youth literature. These recommendations are chosen to weave together the history, but with "living books" enjoyment. It is a different way of learning for many new families, and takes some time to become comfortable. Eventually, it will become very natural, engaging, and result-oriented, we trust. At least, thousands of families have felt so. You are welcome to join our FB group, and get feedback from other users, if you'd like. May the Lord bless and direct your homeschool! Michelle, author, TruthQuest History

Michelle - Seller on Educents

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