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Don't buy...
Oct 18, 2018

Very cute idea, but a picture of the gastrocnemius muscle is incorrectly identified as the quadriceps muscle. Wanted for fun classroom activity, but cannot use with incorrect information.

Jennifer T - Teacher
inaccurate description
Oct 17, 2018

There are no informational passages included

Patricia M
Pre Assessment/Review
Sep 27, 2018

I used this word search as a pre-assessment and prior knowledge review of the scientific method. As a special education teacher, the word and picture pairings supported students who are visual learners and early level readers. The pictures allowed for terms to be recognizable and recall meanings and understanding. It was also a fun way for the students to get ready for the lessons ahead.

Nicole L - Teacher
Fun Activity
Sep 27, 2018

I really like this word search, especially as a Special Education teacher. The pictures of the tools as an addition to the word were great to support students' reading and identification skills. It supported the work done in class of identifying and defining science tools. It was a fun way to end the unit about learning different science tools.

Nicole L - Teacher
Kids were in awe!
Sep 26, 2018

This is a great, fun way to learn about dinos!


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