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Is your child learning to speak Russian? Well, you have come to the right place! We have plenty of learning materials to get you started or continue with your learning program. Welkem!

First of all, Congratulations to all the parents or teachers out there that are helping their child learn to speak Russian. It is not a simple language to learn, especially because it is a different alphabet than English! But it is very important to learn Russian, considering it is becoming one of the largest populations in the world and a language that has become the primary language of neighboring countries.

Tips for learning to speak Russian:
  • Find your child a buddy that speaks Russian and arrange some playdates.
  • Find some TV shows or movies that your child can watch (YouTube can be your friend).
  • Learn the Russian culture. Nothing is more fun or beneficial than learning new recipes, going to festivals and understanding the context of the language.

  • Have fun! Below are some great

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