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Rock Tumbler - Pro Series


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade

  • Subjects: Arts & Crafts, Science

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Product Description

A long-lasting motor, automatic shutoff timer, leak-proof rubber barrel for quieter tumbling, speed control settings, and a huge size for tumbling more rocks at once - This is one powerful rock-polishing beast!
Discover the beauty hidden within the humblest of rocks with this heavy-duty, professional-grade rock tumbler!

Using the simple combination of water, sand paper, and a continuously spinning barrel, this rock tumbler harnesses the power of the river to transform seemingly dull rocks into beautifully glimmering gems.

But first - What makes this rock tumbler so great? - A long-lasting motor, automatic shutoff timer, leak-proof rubber barrel for quieter tumbling, speed control settings, and a huge size for tumbling more rocks at once - This is one powerful machine!

Following along with the detailed instructions, just pour the included pound of rock into the barrel along with some water and the first (coarsest) level of polishing grit, close it up, switch it on, and wait.

It takes a few weeks to complete the polishing, interrupted only by stages of cleaning the barrel and switching out the sandpaper for a finer and finer grit - But don't fret!

There's still plenty of fun and learning to enjoy in the mean time - Also included is a booklet packed with thrilling facts about rocks and the history of polishing them, plus a whole other booklet full of fun activities!

Discover the amazing science behind how rocks are polished by the rushing water of rivers and streams.

Learn all about how rocks were polished back in ancient times and then explore the different types of stones included - Where they're found, what they're made of, and how they're formed.

The longer you wait, the more you'll learn, until finally - WOW! Glimmering jewels galore!

The brilliant green of the aventurine, the smooth pink of the rose quartz, the stunning blue of the sodalite, the otherworldly metallic shine of the hematite - You'll be blown away by the beauty of these stones!

But don't let the fun stop there - Use the included jewelry fastenings to turn your polished gems into amazing jewelry you can where. Then, you can start the excitement all over again with rocks collected from your own backyard!

Built strong, tough, and durable to stand up to ALL your rock-tumbling needs, the Pro Series Rock Tumbler is definitely a must-have for any serious rock-polishing enthusiast.

Rock Tumbler - Pro Series
  • Heavy duty professional-quality rock tumbler and supplies for polishing rocks into gems
  • A must-have for any serious rock-polishing enthusiast
  • Fill barrel with polishing grit, water, pound of rock - Let it spin for 3 weeks
  • Replace sandpaper with finer and finer grits to achieve smoother polish as you go
  • Use sifter to clean out the water periodically
  • Use included stones or collect rocks from your own backyard
  • Use jewelry fastenings to turn polished gems into amazing jewelry
  • Booklet features fun facts about rocks - What they're made of, how they're formed
  • Exciting variety of stones - Amethyst, tiger's eye, aventurine, agate, rose quartz, red jasper, sodalite, hematite, and more
  • Includes rock tumbler, 4 types of polishing grit, jewelry fastenings, sifter, pound of rocks, electrical adapter
  • Detailed instructions and information booklet included
  • Tumbler plugs into wall for power - No batteries required
  • Tumbler features long-lasting motor, automatic shutoff timer, leak-proof rubber barrel, speed control settings
  • High quality design and construction for exceptional rock-polishing experience
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      Review of Rock Tumbler - Pro Series
      Dec 19, 2016

      But it is a rock tumbler, so you need to let it do its thing for several days and come back to it.

      Kathryn W - Teacher
      A rating of Rock Tumbler - Pro Series
      Dec 07, 2016

      christmas gift has not gotten yet.

      Natalie C

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