Robots PreK and Kinder Pack 200+ Pages and Games


  • Grades: Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten

  • Subjects: Math, Reading

  • Product Type: Game, Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

This 204 page document has it ALL! Everything you need to have a fun time learning with fun robot friends. Included are the several worksheets, games, centers, handwriting pages and more for Math and Language arts. Games, handwriting pages, beginning math, playdough mats and more!

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This MEGA Set includes: 

COLOR GAME with gameboard 

- Pre-writing practice sheets (with dashed line and with highlighted path) 
- PlayDough/Tracing pages for the letters R, G, B, S and P
- Dot/Magnet pages for the letters R, G, B, S and P
- Letter Tracing and Connect the pictures for the letters R, G, B, S and P
- Cut and Paste pages
- Letter hunt pages 
- Big/Little coloring pages
- Big/Little/Medium coloring pages 
- Color the Robots minibook 
- Lacing Pages 
- Q-Tip paint pages for fine motor skills 
- Matching Game (match robots and parts with color words) 
- Which one is Different? 
- Match the Items 
- Shape Tracing 
- Size Ordering Cards (biggest to smallest) 
- Size Sorting Cards (big versus small) 
- Number Tracing 
- 1-10 Number puzzle (1-20 and skip counting by 10)
- Graphing Dice and game 
- Counting board, number cards and manipulatives (2 versions) 
- Number cards 1-10 to put in order 
- Patterning Cards 
- Patterning Boards (for ABAB, AAB, ABB, AABB, ABC and blank)
- What comes next pattern practice
- Beginning Estimating (circle the most, circle the least - 2 pages)
- 0-10 Floor Mat Cards 
- Counting Cards (count the robot and put the number card beside) 
- Beginning Graphing (count the robot and color in the squares below) 
- Memory Game 
- Cutting Practice (3 pages) 
- Coloring Pages 
- 2 and 3 part puzzles 
- 6 part puzzles (2 pages) 

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