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Create a reward system in your classroom that students will remember for years to come! Glue & Ink’s Reward Coupons & Class Bucks is easy to adapt into your classroom as a fun way to manage behavior and reward good work and good deeds!


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• All versions of bucks are now also available four to a page!
Note: Bucks go the edge of the document—print one page first to check the margin around your bucks. Most document printers don't print to the edge and provide you with a margin. If you need more margins around the edge, simply scale down the print in the Print dialogue box in Adobe Acrobat.
• In addition to the multi-page packet, all pages are now also included as individual pages.

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Classroom Rewards +Class Bucks

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This set is a great way to teach responsibility and organization—students must hold on to their coupons and bucks in order to redeem them!

What’s in the 173-page PDF? 
Check out the preview image above! Here’s a breakdown of the fun inside:

FUN COVER (Couldn't resist!)

– Unique and not your generic clip art! Text explains the reward but isn’t overly specific so that it fits into *your* classroom!
Print as a full set, or 6 to a page! ..In color or black and white!

1. Line Leader for the Day
2. Desk Buddy – Bring in a stuffed animal for a day!
3. Go Shoeless! Take off your shoes in the room!
4. Eat Lunch with the Teacher
5. Show & Tell – Bring in something you love and share it with the class!
6. Switch Desks with a Friend
7. Grab a Treat!
8. Pick a Prize!
9. Teacher’s Helper!
10. No Homework Pass! Good for use on one Assignment. See teacher for details!
11. Comfy Chair/Pillows for a Lesson
12. Read Aloud! (Have a student pick a time to have an extra read aloud for the class—or let the student read aloud to the class!)
13. Positive Note from the Teacher
14. Free Choice!
15. Write with a Pen
16. Sit at the Teacher’s Desk for a Lesson
17. Skip Morning Work
18. Tech Treat
19. Class Messenger
20. Positive Phone Call Home
21. Use a Clipboard for a Lesson
22. Brain Break
23. Choose an Indoor Game for the Class to Play!
24. Pick a Class Party! (See teacher for options)
25. Work on In-Class Work with a Friend
26. Feed the Class Pet
27. Water the Class Pants (Make this one fun by letting the winner do this with a friend and/or take a break to go fill up the water, etc.)
28. Homework Late Pass!
29. Add 10 Minutes to Class Recess!
30. Go to Lunch First!
31. Sit Next to a Friend for a Lesson
32. Help Teach a Lesson! See teacher for details!
33. Pick a New Pencil
34. Pick a New Eraser
35. Walk Break! (Have the student grab a hall pass if needed and let them walk the school, run a fun errand, etc.)
36. Take a Class Game Home for the Night!

***BLANK CARDS*** —> Print and write in your own rewards! These also double as blank cards for any other use you may need!
37. Hearts
38. Sports
39. Stars
40. Stripes
41. Burst
42. School Supplies

– Use the denominations appropriate for your grade level—From One to One Thousand!
– Use these for your class store, as extra credit, prizes for team games, and more! Redeem them for prizes or other rewards that best fit your classroom.
– Color: Print a full set, three to a page, or four to a page! …In color, black and white (with gray background), or black and white (white background)!

1. One Buck – Lion
2. Two Bucks – Crocodile
3. Five Bucks – Otter
4. Ten Bucks – Bat
5. Twenty Bucks – Fish
6. Fifty Bucks – Ostrich
7. One Hundred Bucks – Penguin
8. Five Hundred Bucks – Cow
9. One Thousand Bucks – Pig

Love these Reward Coupons + Class Bucks! Please leave a review—I'd love to know how you used them in your classroom!


– Glue & Ink

Product is for personal use only and is not to be redistributed. This means that you are free to use this product for personal use—in the classroom (or at home!) but not for commercial use. The product and/or its parts may not be used in the creation of products to be sold of given away for free elsewhere. Thank you for respecting Glue and Ink's work! Enjoy!


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