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  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Subjects: Life Skills
  • Product Type: Printable
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Product Description

Save time and money with this classroom management resource. No more prize box. This is a positive behavior management strategy that can be used as an individual or class wide behavioral incentive. This resources works great with a PBIS system or in and of itself. You can use these with reward coupons as part of your own behavior management program or as a stand alone system. Kids love them! You'll love the very little prep! Just print, cut and done! The editable template allows you to customize your own Reward Coupons with wording to fit your needs. These reward coupons are designed to be extremely easy to implement. Because after all....what 8 year old doesn't love writing with a pen for the day or using markers?

Reward coupons are the size of a business card.  Reward coupons included in this product are:

*Read a book to the class.

*Read a book with a friend of your choice during Daily 5.

*Wear slippers for the say.

*Use a pen all day.

*Use markers for the day.

*Be the teacher's helper for the day

*Sit in any spot in the classroom that you like.

*Sit in the teacher's chair

*Sit at the teacher's desk.

*Sit at any spot on the rig

*Extra time on the iPad.

*Bring a stuffed animal to school.

*Sit with a friend of your choice at the table.

*Wear a crown for the day.

*Have lunch with the teacher.

*No morning work.

*Choose a prize from the prize box.

*Be the pencil sharpener helper.

*Line leader

*Add Stickers to your work.

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