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  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

  • Subjects: Math, STEM

  • Product Type: Book, Toy

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Product Description

As seen on ABC's Good Morning America! 2010 Parents' Choice Award -Recommended! Flip, slide, turn, connect, combine, build with Fat Brain’s newest construction toy! Clever, colorful turtles snap & slide together in over 100 incredible ways! Each set of 24 Reptangles comes with a full-color bonus activity book with 80+ puzzles to encourage young minds to explore the world of geometry, design & construction.
As seen on ABC's Good Morning America!
Click here to view the video...

2013 Major Fun Award Puzzles
2013 Major Fun Award Thinking Games
2010 Parents' Choice Award -Recommended!
2010 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award!

These building turtles are a SNAP! 2 Reptangles can connect in 100+ combinations!

A highly evolved construction toy, Reptangles are a perfect fit for building intelligent imaginations! Because of their reptilian resemblance, children are immediately drawn to this building toy system. The snapping begins and soon leads to new levels of imagination, creativity and educational play!

Reptangles is a toy of innovative design. The geometry of the polyhedra shape is an essential component to the appeal and countless ways Reptangles can be combined. Children quickly advance their skills, first building simple polyhedra and then advancing to complex polyhedra. Truncated octahedrons never looked so good! Once they start creating, children forget these are turtles with purpose!

Dive into symmetry, reflections and rotations with the accompanying, full-color Exploration Guide. You'll find incredibly interesting geometry. The guide also features step-by-step diagrams to create complex and beautiful structures; it sparks the curiosity of even the most seasoned building toy veteran! Have you ever built a rhombicuboctahedron?

Well-built, with a focus on modern design, Reptangles is an inter-locking toy system that is superior to all predecessors. These colorful creatures engage for hours!

  • A highly evolved multi-channel building system
  • Build mathematical thinking; capture imagination - 2 turtles combine in 100 ways!
  • Build geometric masterpieces; Construct simple to complex polyhedra
  • Thousands of play possibilities evoke innovation & curiosity
  • Outstanding ingenuity, modern design, endless construction appeal
  • Adheres to all necessary safety standards for both the US & Europe
  • High quality, precision plastic construction
  • 80+ Builds and 50+ puzzles included
  • 24 Building pieces
  • Durable storage box
  • Full color, step-by-step Exploration Guide

  • Check out the video (above) to see these clever turtles in action.

    Important Note:

    Reptangles are recommended for Ages 6+.
    Reptangles are often purchased for younger children, (as seen in the graphs below).
    Young children may need a few years of growing before they have the fine motor skills needed to snap the turtles together effectively.
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      Review of Reptangles
      Mar 31, 2017

      I got this for my grandson. I love the creativity that he uses when he plays with them.

      Simona I - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero
      Mar 24, 2017

      I bought this as one of my class centers. So far (and is early) it has not been a popular choice. BUT I like it. I appreciate what it will have the students do...

      Savannah C
      Review of Reptangles
      Mar 23, 2017

      Great idea - kids of varying ages find it fascinating.

      Lauren B - Homeschooler
      Want it for my classroom but purchased as a gift
      Mar 22, 2017

      Satisfies both the need to build and the desire to engage in pretend play. The creatures are both the buildings and the characters! Goes together in unique ways it is an addictive manipulative even for adults

      Steve M - Homeschooler
      Great toy for an OLDER child
      Mar 21, 2017

      I bought this for my very intelligent 2.5 year old nephew as a Christmas gift. My sister and I are both elementary teachers, so I try to pick out the perfect educational gifts for my niece and nephew every year. She liked the box (stores Reptangles really well and will hold up long term). However, my nephew was unable to snap the pieces together. The fine motor skills required to use this toy are VERY high. My sister struggled at first snapping them together herself! My 5 year old niece had some trouble as well. However, they did have fun trying to create things together as a family, but it is not appropriate for a 2 year old or even 5 year old to play with independently.

      Casey C

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